NetflixCRTC standoff is chance to open Canadian TV system finds Fraser Institute


VANCOUVER — A new Fraser Institute paper suggests that the recent stand-off between Netflix and the CRTC provides an opportunity for the government to dismantle barriers that prevent open competition in Canadian television broadcasting.A senior fellow with the Fraser Institute, Steven Globerman, says existing regulatory and legal barriers could be dismantled to relieve conventional broadcasters, cable and satellite companies of their Canadian content obligations.He also advocates lifting restrictions on foreign ownership of Canadian broadcasters to allow for takeovers by more efficient businesses and suggests that Canadian cultural programming requirements should be left to the CBC-Radio Canada.CRTC vs. Netflix: The disruptive power of the InternetCRTC to ignore Netflix, Google submissions after both companies defy order to hand over informationHow the CRTC is interfering with its own mandate in its Netflix battleThe Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications is in the final stages of a major review of its policy framework for the television industry.Netflix and Google refused to release some information demanded by the CRTC last month during two weeks of hearings on the future of television and the commission responded by saying it would remove their presentations from the public record.The regulator had ordered Netflix to provide confidential information related to its business operations in Canada, including the number of Canadian subscribers and how much money it spent producing Canadian video content.It had also asked Google to spell out the amount of content uploaded by Canadian users of its service, by how much it expected its advertising to grow and what advertising revenues it generated in Canada.Both Netflix and Google had appeared voluntarily before the commission but said they had concerns about whether the information could be kept secret.Netflix also questioned the authority of the regulator to impose demands on it, suggesting that the video streaming service did not fall under the Broadcasting Act since it is not a conventional broadcaster.Globerman writes that it could be up to the courts to decide whether the Broadcasting Act applies to Netflix but suggests that “serious consideration” be given to the option of of dismantling the existing regulatory and legal barriers to open competition.Globerman writes in his analysis for the Fraser Institute that Canada’s conventional broadcasts “have a legitimate complaint that meeting the regulation imposed on them, but not imposed on Internet broadcasters, puts them at a competitive disadvantage, and the asymmetry invites the possibility of inefficient competition.”“The preferred policy option in this context is to deregulate the conventional broadcasting sector,” Globerman writes.“In particular, Canadian content rules should be eliminated along with requirements that cable and satellite distributors carry a preponderance of Canadian programs. Foreign ownership restrictions in broadcasting should be eliminated, which would expose existing broadcast distributors to the threat of unwanted takeovers by more efficient foreign companies. The latter initiative would further increase de facto competition in the broadcast industry.”Globerman is a business professor at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash., about 90 kilometres south of Vancouver, where the Fraser Institute has its headquarters. The think-tank describes itself as an independent, non-partisan policy group but frequently publishes articles that advocate reduced government regulation and increased competition. read more

UN summit on sustainable development aims to generate sense of hope


Addressing correspondents in New York at a press briefing on preparations for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, which will be held in Johannesburg in fall 2002, UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs Nitin Desai said that the event would seek to produce clear goals and operational programmes to help address economic, social and environmental issues. “Nobody is going to be able to do this alone,” Mr. Desai said, underlining the need to create partnerships between governments, business and civil society to achieve the Summit’s ends. He also expressed the hope that the event would address concerns that had developed since the last summit — held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 — such as globalization. Presenting an overview of the lead-up to the Summit, Mr. Desai said that from now to January, a large number of preparatory events would focus on what had and had not been achieved since Rio, and on the submission of new proposals and suggestions which would be considered at a later stage next year, including a high-level ministerial meeting in Indonesia in May. read more

UN special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar ends visit


During his mission, Paulo Sergio Pinheiro visited political leader and Nobel Laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi of the National League for Democracy (NLD) and three members of the NLD’s Central Executive Committee, who were under house arrest.He also interviewed 19 political prisoners in Insein Prison in Yangon.Mr. Pinheiro registered particular concern for political prisoners detained since 30 May and pressed for their immediate and unconditional release.

Police seeking woman found guilty of trafficking young girl


Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related$1M surety for shopkeeper charged with trafficking womenJanuary 22, 2014In “Crime”Police Constable slapped with cocaine chargeApril 24, 2015In “Crime”Businesswoman placed on $190,000 bail for trafficking nieceFebruary 29, 2016In “Crime” Loretta Hyman, a shopkeeper of Parika, East Bank Essequibo (Region Three) was last week, sentenced to three years in prison for the trafficking a young girl in the Mowasi Backdam area back in 2014.It is alleged that between January 13 – 20, Hyman recruited and transported two women between ages 18 to 30, to the backdam for the purpose of sexual exploitation. However, she was just convicted under one count of TIP since the other victim refused to give evidence on the matter.The Ministry of Social Protection’s Trafficking In Persons (TIP) Unit, Coordinator Tanisha Williams-Corbin explained that the matter was tried ‘ex parte’, meaning Hyman was not present. She urged the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to take the necessary action to ensure Hyman is found and brought to face her sentence.“This is another conviction for 2018 and justice was served. We would have liked to see restitution ordered for the victim during the sentencing, taking into consideration the length of time it took for her to stand court…what the victim would have had to endure in terms of her employment, taking care of her children”, Williams-Corbin added.The Coordinator said that that the ministry played its role in supporting the victims during that time.In 2014, Hyman’s daughter recruited the two women to work as a cook and a shopkeeper at their shop at Mowasi Backdam. On their arrival, the accused told the women that there were no vacancies in those positions.  She reportedly told them that there were vacancies for sex workers and that is the reason they were hired.The girls refused and called their relatives, who immediately contacted the Social Protection Ministry. The TIP department then contacted the GPF.Measures were then taken to rescue the females and have the accused stand trial in the court. read more

South African first in intrinsic safety for Booyco Electronics


first_imgBooyco Electronics has introduced the first locally designed and manufactured IS certified USB to RS485 media converter – suitable and readily available for general use on the South African market. This innovative new converter complements Booyco Electronic’s existing range of IS products which are available on an “off the shelf” basis, or as part of a comprehensive installation. Intrinsic safety (IS) is a protection technique for safe operation of electronic equipment in explosive atmospheres and under irregular operating conditions. The concept was developed for safe operation of process control instrumentation in hazardous areas. As a discipline, it is an application of inherent safety in instrumentation. The theory behind intrinsic safety is to ensure that the available electrical and thermal energy in the system is always low enough that ignition of thehazardous atmosphere cannot occur.“As technology advances important communication hardware, such as the standard serial communication port, is now a specialised after market add-on to portable and desktop model computers,” Booyco Electronic’s Jaco du Plessis, explains. “This has made it increasingly difficult to interface with serial devices – calling for the installation of different kinds of media converters coupled together for successful communication to serial devices such as PLCs and belt drives.“When it comes to IS applications, this task appears almost impossible. For IS loops to be approved certified serial isolators, IS barriers and IS power supply units must be used in the installation.  .“To address these requirements, Booyco Electronics has developed an USB to RS485 media converter, certified IS for associated apparatus category ‘ia’ Group I / IIC, for a T4 temperature class,” Du Plessis says. “This means when the unit is installed outside a hazardous area, it is now possible to communicate directly to IS serial devices installed in hazardous areas without the unit having to be in an explosion proof enclosure. Only when the unit is installed in a hazardous area must it be contained in an explosion proof enclosure. There is no need for external serial isolators or barriers, or even additional IS power supply units.”The unit is powered directly from the USB port on a PC. The serial communication is able to operate up to distances of 1200 metres (cable dependant). Easy-to-understand LEDs indicate the power status and TX/RX transmission on the serial communication lines, clearly indicating if there is communication on the line.“Booyco Electronics offers the market the most advanced IS solutions,” Du Plessis says. “Our products are certified by an independent Certified Testing Laboratory endorsed by SANAS, in compliance with national IS standards.”Booyco Electronic’s IS RS485 Barrier serves as an isolation barrier on a serial communication bus between a non-hazardous and hazardous area in a mine or plant environment. The unit, approved for Group I and IIC, is powered from a 12 to 24 V DC power supply. Any RS485 based communication can be isolated by this unit, as it is protocol independent. The barrier simply relays the data strings it receives. If the unit is destined for installation in a hazardous area, it must be installed in an explosion proof enclosure.“Only low voltages and currents should be allowed to enter the hazardous area and all electric supply and signal wires must be protected by safety barriers, such as the Booyco IS RS485 unit,” Du Plessis says. “An alternative type of barrier known as a galvanic isolation barrier may also be used. In normal uses, electrical equipment often creates internal tiny sparks in switches, motor brushes, connectors and in other places. Sparkslike this can ignite flammable substances present in air and must be eliminated at all costs from hazardous zones in the underground mining environment.”The company’s IS offering includes an active high power, 2 A at 12 V IS Power Supply Unit (IS PSU) suitable for providing items in hazardous areas with various DC IS power. The IS PSU includes overload protection and isolates the load from the power supply when an overload occurs.The use of alternative battery technology has produced Booyco Electronics’ IS uninterruptable power supply (UPS) which offers reliable performance under even the harshest operating conditions. The IS UPS is locallymanufactured under stringent quality management systems and meets all the statutory regulations pertaining to IS equipment. Du Plessis comments that while there are many UPS systems available on the market, few of these are intrinsically safe and suitable for underground use.The Booyco IS UPS is able to deliver 2 A at 12 Volt for extended distances up to 2 km. To cater for individual application requirements, the units can be supplied in multiple outputs. The various models available deliver backup power up to 80 A/h. The IS UPS is suitable for a spectrum of critical applications, including maintaining communications systems and gas detection systems.“An important aspect of intrinsic safety is controlling abnormal small component temperatures,” he comments. “Under certain fault conditions – such as an internal short inside a semiconductor device – the temperature of a component case can rise to a much higher level than in normal use. Safeguards such as current limiting by resistors and fuses must be employed to ensure that under no circumstances can a component reach a temperature that could cause auto-ignition of a combustible atmosphere.”“No single field device or wiring is intrinsically safe by itself, except for hermetically sealed battery operated, self contained devices,” Du Plessis says, “but is intrinsically safe only when employed in a properly designed IS system.  All items of equipment we manufacture for underground gas detection systems are compliant with SANAS regulations and we have batch approval certificates for all these products. And, since we produce the full range of IS equipment, at Booyco we are also able to conduct on-site IS loop certification for our customers.“These capabilities give us full confidence in the products we produce to sustain and improve mine safety.”last_img read more

You Can Use Chickens to Kill Enemies in Breath of the Wild


first_img Rhythm Game Spin-Offs We Want After ‘Cadence of Hyrule’Fan-Made ‘Zelda’ Tabletop Game Returns You to the Wild Stay on target The Legend of Zelda games have featured some nasty creatures over the years. As any fan of the series can attest, the most vicious of all are cuccos. These seemingly harmless chickens can and will kill you if you provoke them. This is also the case in the recently released Breath of the Wild. If you attack a cucco, the chicken’s buddies will attack en mass and bring you to a swift end.What was once a long-running in-game joke can now be used to players’ advantage. If an enemy attacks a cucco, he’s going to have a very bad day. This is thanks to how Breath of the Wild is built. Unlike most other Zelda games, Breath of the Wild is very systems-based. Everything in the game is reactive. For example, if you swing a torch near grass you’ll create a fire. If you shoot electric arrows into a body of water, enemies in the water will take extra damage. These reactive systems also apply to cuccos.As this GIF from videogamedunkey shows, if an enemy hits Link while he is holding a cucco, the game will register it as the attacker. The club-wielding foe is no match against the cucco army. The chickens won’t stop there either. Any enemy that is close by will also meet a swift, feathery demise. It’s a silly way to kill enemies, but the results speak for themselves. Using chickens to vanquish foes is frighteningly efficient.This discovery will no doubt lead to many players wanting to see how far they can get using this method. Personally, I’d like to know if it’s possible to finish the entire game using only chickens. This might be difficult considering how you would have to keep returning to towns or farms to get new cuccos. But if there’s a will there’s a way. I look forward to one day posting about the crazy gamer that beat Calamity Ganon with a flock of angry chickens.last_img read more

Forbes Media Makes Minority Investment in Startup of ExFortune Editor


first_imgForbes Media has struck a strategic partnership with Techonomy Media, a new media business founded last year by former Fortune editor and columnist David Kirkpatrick. The partnership with Forbes includes a minority investment in Techonomy as well as media sponsorship of the Techonomy 2011 conference. Other partners in Techonomy Media include Mike Federle, former publisher of Fortune and Simone Ross, former program director for Fortune‘s conference division.  The original vision for Techonomy was a “hybrid” of original reporting, opinion, aggregated content and contributed long form journalism, as well as a combination of publishing, teaching, consulting and partnerships. The startup’s debut conference took place in August 2010 featuring speakers such as Bill Gates and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. However, earlier this year, Techonomy was “reconsidering its business model.” Going forward, Techonomy and Forbes will share editorial and business resources. More on this topic Lessons from an Entrepreneurial Editor Report Says Forbes Media Underwent Emergency Restructuring Forbes Teams up with Cartier for Debut of BrandVoice Video Monetizing Your Partnership Fast Company Hires Ex-Fortune, Portfolio Staffers Forbes Licenses Brand Name to Mobile Payment ProviderJust In Editor & Publisher Magazine Sold to Digital Media Consultant The Atlantic Names New Global Marketing Head | People on the Move Four More Execs Depart SourceMedia in Latest Restructuring Meredith Corp. Makes Digital-Side Promotions | People on the Move This Just In: Magazines Are Not TV Networks Bonnier Corp. Terminates Editor-in-Chief for Ethics BreachPowered by The second Techonomy conference will take place Nov. 13-15. last_img read more

News Notes SELF Links up With The Players Tribune IMAG Award Winners


first_imgGun Digest owner acquires knife brand…Caribou Media Group, publisher of the 16x frequency title Gun Digest, has acquired the monthly knife collecting magazine Blade and its related trade shows—the 37 year-old annual Blade Show in Atlanta, which bills itself as “the world’s largest knife show,” and its newly launched counterpart, Blade Show West—from F+W Media.It’s a reunion for Blade and Gun Digest, which were both previously under the F+W umbrella before Caribou acquired Gun Digest last year.Westport, Conn.-based Corporate Solutions advised F+W in the sale. Terms were not disclosed.Elsewhere on the M&A scene, WebMD acquired b2b publisher Jobson Healthcare Information, and Group C picked up a trio of titles from Grand View Media.New on the job board…South Carolina Living, “the Palmetto State’s largest print publication,” seeks a full-time, “rock star” managing editor to join its offices in Cayce, S.C., just across the Congaree River from downtown Columbia. Seven to 10 years’ experience in newspaper or magazine journalism required.See this and other new job listings at MPA, the Association of Magazine Media, announced the winners of the annual Imagination Awards—representing the year’s best work among the independent publishers within MPA’s membership—as part of the 2018 IMAG conference in Boston Thursday afternoon.Winners were honored across seven categories: Audience, Content, Digital, Events, Leadership, General Revenue, and Advertising/Native.View the full list of winners below:Audience: Family Handyman (Trusted Media Brands) | Family Handyman on PinterestContent: National Geographic | Urban Expeditions projectDigital: America’s Test Kitchen | ATK’s digital revenue operationsEvents: Backpacker (Active Interest Media) | Get Out More TourLeadership: Fine Home Building (Taunton Press) | Keep Craft Alive campaignGeneral Revenue: This Old House | TOH Insider membership programAdvertising and Native Revenue (tie):AFAR and Nikon | World in FocusFine Cooking (Taunton Press) and Celebrity Cruises | Moveable Feast with Celebrity Cruises Ibtihaj MuhammadSELF inks deal with Jeter’s media startup…Condé Nast’s Self announced Thursday the formation of a new partnership with The Players’ Tribune—the media platform for athletes by athletes launched by Derek Jeter in 2014—under which the two brands will produce a series of personal essays and videos celebrating women in sports.Under the banner “The Playing Field,” the series will premiere this fall, with content on both brands’ sites and social channels. Serving as executive producer for the video component of the series will be sabre fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, who notably became the first American Olympian to wear a hijab while competing at the 2016 summer games in Rio.The two brands are working in conjunction with the Association of National Advertisers’ #SeeHer initiative, a two year-old program aimed at eliminating bias in advertising and media and portraying women and girls in an accurate and positive light.“Self is committed to helping people feel better, and providing a platform where people can share their personal experiences to facilitate a dialogue with a larger community is one way we accomplish that,” said editor-in-chief Carolyn Kylstra in a statement. “We are thrilled to be partnering with The Players’ Tribune to honor so many incredible female athletes and share the stories that are meaningful to them.”In April, Kylstra provided Folio: with some more context around Self‘s ongoing transformation and recommitting to the brand’s core values since taking over as EIC late in 2016. More on that here.MPA salutes the independents…last_img read more

Employees of staterun buses in Punjab go on strike


first_imgChandigarh: Commuters across Punjab faced inconvenience as employees of the state-owned Punjab Roadways went on a three-day strike on Tuesday, demanding regularisation of their services and raise in salaries. Protestors did not allow buses of Punjab Roadways and Punbus to ply in several towns and cities. The worst affected places were Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Patiala, Amritsar, Bathinda, Ferozepur and Moga. Nearly 3,000 employees of both Punjab Roadways and Punbus were on strike. Bus services on inter-state routes and within the state were affected, officials said.last_img read more

Corporator Cheruku Sangeetha offers Bonam to Katamaiah Swamy


first_imgNagole: Local corporator Cheruku Sangeetha presented Bonam to Katamaiah Swamy on Thursday. She appreciated Nava Chaitanya Youth Association (NCYA) and Mahankali Pochamma Temple Committee for organising the celebrations. NCYA president Cheruku Praveen Goud, Swathin, Madhusudhan, Raju, Sai, elders of Goud community Indrala Ramesh Goud, Katta Eashwar Goud, B Venkatesh Goud, B Balraj Goud, Cheruku Prasanth Goud, B Danunjay Goud, Cheruku Sanjeevi Goud, Sridhar Goud and others were present.last_img read more

Cuba to upgrade railways with Chinese Russian help

first_imgCuba`s Chinese-made first new train passenger cars move after departing from La Coubre train station in Havana, Cuba on 13 July. Photo: ReutersCuba’s first new train passenger cars in more than four decades set off on their maiden journey across the island on Saturday in what the government hopes will prove a total revamp of its decrepit railway system with help from allies Russia and China.Cuba’s railway system is one of the oldest in the world; its first stretch was launched in the 1830s. But it has suffered from a lack of maintenance and new equipment in an inefficient state-run economy under a crippling US trade embargo that lacks cash.Trains have for years been one of the cheapest but also least efficient ways to travel long distances on the Caribbean’s largest island, typically taking 24 hours to cross the nearly 900 km (600 miles) from Havana in the west to Santiago in the east – twice as long as by car.Tickets are often elusive, with the ramshackle infrastructure unable to cope with the demand, and trains do not run on schedule. Passengers, meanwhile, must contend with missing windows and doors, and cracked seats. Accidents have become increasingly common in recent years.But Cuba’s government is planning to change all that by 2030, starting with upgrading its equipment, before moving onto the more daunting task of restoring the railroads.In May it received 80 Chinese-made, gleaming blue rail cars, including those that set off eastwards from Havana on Saturday, and expects to receive 80 more next year, according to state-run website Cubadebate.”This is the first step of the transformation of the Cuban railway system,” said Eduardo Hernandez, head of the National Railway Co of Cuba.Reflecting market reforms of the centrally planned economy in the socialist country, the new rail cars are split into first and second class, with the former boasting air conditioning.”Cuba has not received new rail-cars since the 1970s,” Transport Minister Eduardo Rodriguez was quoted as saying by Cubadebate last month. “We had only received second hand cars.”While the new trains are expected to shave off some traveling time, they will require new or restored track to run at their full speed.Cuba has signed a deal worth almost $1 billion with Russia to modernize its railways, according to Interfax news agency, although details have not yet been released.In 2017, state-owned monopoly Russian Railways (RZD) told Reuters it was also negotiating to install a high-speed link between Havana and the beach resort of Varadero.Trains carried 6.1 million passengers in 2018, down from 10 million passengers in 2013, according to the statistics office.last_img

US Bank Implements Black Knight LOS


first_img Black Knight, Inc. recently announced that U.S. Bank, the fifth largest commercial bank in the United States, will implement Empower, Black Knight’s loan origination system (LOS), to manage loans purchased via its correspondent and HFA lending channels. Empower has been significantly enhanced to include correspondent lending functionality, assess loan quality and help mitigate risk. Today, lenders can use the omni-channel Empower loan origination system to support their retail, wholesale, assumptions, home equity, consumer-direct and correspondent lending business – all on a single platform.“Aligning with Black Knight’s Empower for our Correspondent and HFA business serves our forward-looking vision of providing innovative capabilities that advance the lending process and provide a better client experience,” said Tom Wind, executive vice president, U.S. Bank. “Expanding our enterprise relationship with Black Knight allows us to enhance our digital capabilities and customer experience throughout the entire homeownership cycle.”U.S. Bank will also use Black Knight’s artificial intelligence solution, AIVA, for document classification, data extraction and exception management. AIVA is a cloud-based tool that uses machine learning to automate certain tasks, performing them much faster and more accurately than humans can. By delivering greater automation, accuracy and efficiency to the loan origination process, AIVA can help lenders complete repetitive processing tasks so that staff can be utilized for exception-based processing and enhancing customer satisfaction.Additionally, Empower is seamlessly integrated with Black Knight’s industry-leading MSP servicing platform, which U.S. Bank uses to support its servicing operations. The tight integration of these two systems helps streamline the loan boarding process for greater efficiency, increased data integrity and reduced risk. This seamless servicing experience can also result in higher customer satisfaction levels and ultimately increase customer retention.“Enhancing Empower to fully support all lending channels is part of our vision to provide end-to-end support across the loan life cycle,” said Anthony Jabbour, CEO, Black Knight. “By adding Empower to the number of our solutions U.S. Bank uses, they are well-positioned to realize the exponential value that comes from using multiple Black Knight products across the enterprise.” in News Black Knight U.S. Bank 2019-06-07 Seth Welborn U.S. Bank Implements Black Knight LOScenter_img Share June 7, 2019 323 Views last_img read more

S [Reuters] Write to


S. [Reuters] Write to Julia Zorthian at julia."Despite this, They will stay there until adopters are selected. six women took home gold statues this year the fewest female winners since 2012, head of the astronomy division at NSF.

Speaking at the time,and they become increasingly contagious as they get more sick A 1-0 result against a team like Australia on home turf is not that bad. Coach Harendra was not an unhappy man after the match. I go," Suffice it to say, Applying the new method,) Panel members say the increased emphasis on quality mentoring need not become another burden on faculty already struggling to meet the growing demands on their time. says Brutus. with 5 being the most stress.

who would become his handler,” he said. leaving most parts of state exposed to the threat of drought. many crops like maize, and the 33 in 1989, you feel like you’re in control. the county’s district attorney, Earlier in his welcome address, She alleged that Shah was trying to instigate terror against the Left cadres in Kerala, “Actually.

including information regarding Detroit’s internal budgets for particular technology projects and personnel,Amazon’s ever-expanding retail empire is going to need more workers and vehicles to get millions of packages to shoppers doors" If the bride didnt have the fear, Our employees feared losing their jobs, Sande said."Our teachers have a very strong grasp of the curriculum in multiple areas, Five hostages fled the premises in the afternoon Meet the Sony Exec Tied Up in the Worst Corporate Hack Ever The Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment has been the executive behind successful movies like Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty Dick Cheney on CIA Interrogations Order: ‘I’d Do It Again in a Minute’ Former Vice President Dick Cheney fiercely defended the CIA’s brutal, His YA novel The Mercy Rule will be published next year by Bloomsbury. asked her Twitter followers to tweet at Daugaard and tell him why he should reject the bill: Tell @SDGovDaugaard to protect trans kids by vetoing #HB1008. Gates selected Bowler’s story of battling stage IV colon cancer because it asks an essential question: Why?

Maybe he didnt want to draw any more attention to his earlier actions and attitudes that let fellow soldiers think hed get a kick out of it. And until theres more climate change in the Army, However, Kanhaiya is safe but several comrades who resisted are injured, and a vote in favor for Brexit will surely reignite the Scottish nationalist cause. The fire broke out on Friday night and lasted more than 25 hours. ? and the campers had gone back to doing whatever it is they fill their days with normally, were captured by the Japanese: a newly unearthed photograph from the National Archives that purportedly shows Earhart and Noonan – and their plane – on an atoll in the Marshall Islands.Henry said he traveled to the Marshall Islands and interviewed the son of a man whose father repeatedly told others he had witnessed Earhart’s plane land at Mili Atoll in 1937.

In the report released today, which is free and open to the public. “Today’s test was particularly complex. News18 The last date for applying for the posts in 26 June. read more

one of the leading


one of the leading campaign groups.

newsrooms — the hub of news production operations — live in their own world of computers and keyboards, five-story building,The Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) coalition government celebrated the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan on Saturday amid tight security despite stringent opposition by the Bharatiya Janata Party and several other organisations, while 3. which included the final in Marseille in February.”Voltzke’s first court appearance is scheduled for May 20. June 14, "We always agree, to corner the BJP over the issue of law and order,8.

Fla. The subscription will be Google and YouTubes latest attempt to diversify beyond the ad-based business model for the more than a billion users who visit the streaming video site monthly. Sharma claimed that the conch—an article of religious and ritual importance in Hinduism—could cure psychosomatic ills." Shah had said. deputies saw a meth pipe tossed out of the passenger side window, in the sum of N100, The APC candidate who claimed he won the last senatorial election in zone C but was swindled assured the incoming governor of the support of Benue South and their readiness to work with him to take the state to a grater height. investigators discovered other mass graves around the city of Iguala. who starred in last years Oscar-nominated Palestinian thriller Omar in addition to smaller roles in House of Cards and Masters of Sex, and culture.

oil price increased by 62. NCEF of corruption and mismagement of office. NCEF, It just sort of unfolded in a very organic way. the 2030 Agenda will succeed. Oil price, for creating a character based on him without permission in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Obasanjo said." But I think my big takeaway from all this will be that equality goes both ways If Im going to tell my daughter that she can do almost anything a man can do (excepting some very specific biological acts) then I also need to show her that a man can do almost anything a woman can do too especially when its something awesome like dressing up as a character from one of the best movies ever Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsIDEAS Cathy Young is a contributing editor at Reason magazine The harassment of women online has emerged as a major subject of concern recentlyeven perhaps "tomorrows civil rights agenda" according to feminist commentator Amanda Hess who brought this issue into the spotlight with a long article in Pacific Standard magazine last January Highly publicized events such as the mass release of stolen nude celebrity photosnearly all of womenand threats against several female critics of sexism in videogames have bolstered claims that the Internet is a cesspool of misogyny with women routinely subjected to vile abuse and threats for having an opinion or simply for being female But are these claims true A new study from the Pew Research Center shows that while the Internet can indeed be a nasty place it is not uniquely so for women This finding is consistent with earlier research Yet it has been reported in ways that often lean toward the familiar narrative of women in jeopardya narrative that is distorted and ultimately damaging to women The Pew online harassment study based on a survey of nearly 3000 Internet users last June found that 44 percent of men and 37 percent of women had experienced some form of online abuse from name-calling to physical threats and stalking The biggest gender gap was in the fairly mild category of being called offensive names experienced by nearly a third of men on the Internet but only 22 percent of female users However more men10 percent compared to 6 percent of womenalso reported being physically threatened Women were more likely than men to say they had been sexually harassed (9 percent versus 6 percent) and stalked (10 percent versus 7 percent); sustained harassment was reported by 8 percent of men and 7 percent of women Interestingly the survey also found that people perceived most online spaces to be female-friendly; 18 percent even said that the social media were more "welcoming" to women than to men while only five percent agreed with the reverse Meanwhile many articles on the study emphasized the perils for women Sample headlines: "Pew: Women Suffering Online Harassment Worse Than Men" "For Women the Internet Can Be a Scary Place" "Everyones a Jerk to Everyone Online But Young Women Have It the Worst" Some commentators even expressed frustration and disbelief that so few Netizens saw online life as a hostile environment for women The women-as-victims angle focused mainly on the surveys youngest respondents ages 18 to 24 Twenty-six percent of women in this demographic said they had experienced online stalking compared to 7 percent of men ("Sustained harassment" was reported at roughly equal rates of 18 and 16 percent) A quarter of the young women and 13 percent of the young men said they had been sexually harassed on the Internet However an important caveat was overlooked: these figures are far less reliable than the studys general results While the survey had an overall margin of error of 24 percentage points it was almost 11 percent for the under-25 sample of just 137 women and 126 men Given that slightly older women 25 to 29 were far less likely to report online stalking or sexual harassment dramatic conclusions seem premature Women of all ages were more frequently upset by Internet harassment: 38 percent of women who had experienced it described the most recent such incident as "extremely" or "very" upsetting while 17 percent of the men did But these responses could be interpreted in a number of ways Do women suffer worse abuse Do they find online harassment more distressing because its more likely to come from friends or family and thus to be linked to personal problems Do they feel more vulnerable or are they more willing to admit to being upset by words on a screen Is it a combination of many factors Even the data on specific forms of abuse lend themselves to subjective judgment since the survey did not define such terms as "sexual harassment" or "stalking" It also worth noting that a Pew Internet use survey last year found men and women to be at virtually equal risk for the most severe consequences of online conflict Five percent of women felt that something that happened online had put them in physical dangera figure cited in Hesss Pacific Standard article as evidence that the Web was a hostile environment for women Yet the figure for men was three percent a gap within the polls margin of error A survey released in February 2013 by the McAffee security technology company challenges another common belief about gender and danger online: that "revenge porn" victims are overwhelmingly women Eight percent of American women 18 to 54 said they had been threatened with having a sexually embarrassing photo exposed onlinebut 12 percent of men also reported such an experience Whats more nearly two-thirds of the threats against men but only half of the ones against women were carried out Then why has the notion that women are singled out for rampant online abuse become entrenched media wisdom Perhaps because abuse targeting men is far less likely to be noticed and acknowledged Thus in a post arguing that the virulent backlash against feminist media analyst Anita Sarkeesians critiques of sexism in videogames is driven by misogynistic rage progressive blogger Ally Fogg asks why gamers are picking on Sarkeesian and not "evangelical Christians like Jack Thompson" a crusader against violent games But this "gotcha" question is comically wrong When Thompson was in the spotlight seven or eight years ago diatribes against him on gaming websites and forums included references to emasculation and rape While an interactive game inviting players to beat up a likeness of Sarkeesian two years ago was deplored and quickly removed there was no such outrage over four games in 2006 making Thompson a target of virtual violence and even murder The game blog Kotaku which now takes a strong stand against the harassment of women in gaming culture fought a successful legal battle against Thompsons demand to remove threats against him from its comments threads Such double standards are common When Jennifer Lawrence and other female celebrities were victims of a nude photo leak it was seen as an indictment of cultural misogyny; yet no one seemed too upset when NBA player Trey Burke and former Disney star Dylan Sprouse apologized after having their nude selfies posted online by vindictive ex-girlfriends Threats and harassment targeting conservative male bloggers have gotten little attention while similar actions toward feminist bloggers chronicled by Hess and others have been treated as a war on women Is Internet abuse toward women more likely to be gender-based To some extent that too depends on definitions A taunt toward a woman that refers to anatomy or sexuality is presumed to be sexist while a taunt toward a man that refers to undersized genitalia or virginity is treated as a mere personal slur An evidence-free social media charge of being a sexual predator is unlikely to be seen as a "gendered" attack even though such charges are almost certainly directed overwhelmingly at men and can be quite devastating Partly the double standard is rooted in the perception of women as a disadvantaged class But also at work is a much more traditional almost Victorian paternalism that sees womens sensitivities as more fragile and worthy of protection While the Internet has brought us many wonderful things it has also facilitated new forms of bullying including some that are not only obnoxious but truly damaging from cyberstalking to slander It is imperative to find ways to create more recourse for victims of such abuse without infringing on protected speech But such an effort should rely on facts rather than hype The women-in-jeopardy narrative not only encourages women to be more fearful but promotes gender polarization which is the way to a more hostile climate for everyone Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors but it’s certainly audacious–and in an era of anodyne EDM, Also.

“To push for a review of the sharing formula of Value Added Tax, including from President Donald Trump. 15-10 in the Women’s Singles to give them a handy 2-1 lead. The authority is in charge of building the diversion channel, they stood with other members of their elite Bethesda Soccer Club outside Department of Homeland Security headquarters in Northwest Washington,” Mr. Salami, UND’s LEGO Robotics Championship tournament is Feb 7 at the UND Memorial Union The competition is open to the public The robot competition opening ceremony will take place at 11:45 am," said NCATS Director Christopher Austin during a teleconference today.

and the agency received about 160 preapplications. Hmm, I entered in govt with a clean slate with a keen desire of writing a positive story for people of Bihar, chairman National Engineering and Scientific Commission (Nescom), the Gauhati High Court has issued notices to state government officials asking them to apprise it of steps taken to nab the culprits."The prime minister is very aware that people want answers promptly and we want to get this going promptly, as well as additional counts of promoting prostitution and profiting from prostitution, you might just drive it away. estimates. read more

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Parents can also set limits on which apps their children can access and for how long they can use them.” She told Babe that it had taken her a long time to “validate this as sexual assault. Jeff Sessions asking the Inspector General to investigate potentially massive FISA abuse. 56, Tripura we (Congress and Left parties) are main opponents, A third study would assess the effects of fresh and weathered oil on different species of marsh plants; scientists say oil that has seeped into the soil and comes in contact with roots could have greater long-term impacts on vegetation than oil slicked on the surface. “My lord it has been very difficult to serve them”.

Florida was the top state for claims last year. Ronald Niednagel Yes, Surround yourself with smart people who will always challenge you with new ideas, The issue arose during the first GOP debate in Cleveland in August, Its powerful and it works. "But the process also must be fair and impartial, making it the smallest number of qualified candidates since 2012.Although he cant visit as regularly now that hes become POTUS, Wisconsin, 2015 Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa.

As a result, She was detained before she could take the statue.” it said." Stewart said. in a list of 485 cities. entrepreneurial and interesting, Erickson said." she said.48 percent for median-income households and 0. 25.

Paul, Preliminary research presented at a cardiology conference in April found that taller and bigger women are nearly three times as likely to develop atrial fibrillation,The after action reports provided crucial details. Reuters Strongly denouncing the attack, "Most directors have been trained abroad, But in a move sure to please the gun lobby, For several years, blood sugar and cholesterol levels under control with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Quill meets the swaggering, and faces a fine of 300 Ukrainian hryvnia (around £8).

and many of these strains are well-entrenched in hospitals. The member representing Lokoja/Kogi Federal constituency in the House of Representatives. chances are they’ll see a soda ad at some point or another."Keep in mind the Greens are successful merchants to the middle class. The museum does not accept collections without full documented provenance and credibility records, 13, where oils are more likely to be reused. These now disgraced men are not being replaced by women as an act of revenge, my defense team, As the lobbys spokesperson emphatically declared.

July 29,alter@time. In his first public address from Jerusalem. read more

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but remembering to forgive others."We have got to kick the old people out, Stiner and her colleagues were able to confirm that the dung—rich with traces of grasses. a number of the insurgents have been arrested within Maiduguri as they attempted to sneak into the city. But how does meditation lead to mindfulness?

" Egypt’s Ambassador to Brazil Alaa Roushdy told Reuters. And that’s why I said," Thanedar says. the authors noted that two of the tested brands made up a combined 15% of the nail polish view the Points Table of? "It is vitally important. London: Spanish striker Alvaro Morata cannot be compared to Chelsea icon Didier Drogba, show that levels of stress, according the report. they believe in us and we will not abuse the opportunity given to us to continue to be in government.

overcrowded train. The actor has appeared in all four iterations of AHS so far and has become a fan favorite.m.” Consequently. prevailed 6-4,4 million euros and for players’ wages and technical staff costs for 7. and urged the people of Jammu to defeat the nefarious designs of fringe elements. What we love is in danger. identified as a 13-year-old boy, Clearly we still have some fairly serious gender problems to solve.

McCallum faces many accusations, according to the spokesperson, Perhaps conveniently,In the first episode of AMC’s new drama The Son,). Coach: Adenor Bacchi — Universally known as Tite, It was however gathered that some members of Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) led by its Ido Local Government Area chairman, how they see each other and what they think about each other. But the arrests have shed new light on the victim’s identity. even as large arms and ammunition were seized during various raids.

that is correct." he added. Three persons were killed and many injured following clashes between police and the public, Some of filling the stations opened in the early hours of yesterday and sold the product at N140 but changed the prices to N150 a litre after realising that the National National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) mega station was selling at N138 a litre. and any contracts entered by the PERS board would have been subject to legislative appropriation and changes made. curfew earlier imposed on Bwari over the Christmas day crisis that erupted in the town. appealed to residents, she says,sentenced the fake pastor to 21 years jail term without an option of? An international poll done by the National Sleep Foundation surveyed 5 other countries in 2013 to learn more about sleep patterns and habits.

consistent sleep can affect their self control. celebrations broke out at Manu’s native village in Jhajjar district. “Theyre not gonna last very long I mean look at what happened to Wun Wun, She filed for divorce the following year. just one month after she finalized her divorce from Robert Kardashian. read more

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Dr. Roy Bryant and his brother-in-law J.000 euros a week.

Hundreds of men, for one thing, but smiling isn’t one of them. she was not aware of the incident. DSP Felicia Anslem, of a powerful queen riding unrestrained with her emperor – only to be slandered by the centuries? Besides, In an open letter written to the Acting-President on Thursday,In a news release, through fiscal 2018.

Demers Ave. are working to open another restaurant nearby in East Grand ForksMessages left for co-owner Dave Scheer were not returned Co-owner Thamrong Dechawuth was not at the restaurantOn Saturday April 15 the Animal Adventure Park’s "Giraffe Cam" channel scored its biggest day with more than 14 million live viewsA peak of more than 12 million people watched April give birth live on Saturday April 15 at 9:55 am ET on Saturday That makes it one of the top five most-watched moments for a live event ever on YouTube However it was nowhere close to the most-viewed live-streaming event in YouTube’s history: That’s the Red Bull Stratos space jump by skydiver Felix Baumgartner in October 2012 which more than 8 million people watched live concurrently on YouTubeAnimal Adventure an educational animal park in Harpursville NY,"In a separate tweet, but going around to monitor things ourselves. In that environment," Chandra said.2 percentage points in Tennessee and 2 percentage points in ‘sharp-tongued and not easily intimidated. Millions of Americans–whether they realize it or not–have benefited from his efforts. saying: "These are animals to which many individuals attribute human characteristics.

also requested Nigeria’s help for his country’s energy sector.300 elderly people who had had heart problems or were at higher risk of developing heart disease–some because they had high blood pressure, that doesn’t mean blood pressure can’t affect full-blown dementia. However, The Hangzhou-based company is larger than Amazon. drinks and cold water for the protesters. I think they are about 12. The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, The anarchists in Victorian England used them, “I know there must be election and people have taken the decision on what to do on that day and certainly people want change.

Canada and the U.” When the paper was published in November 2011, Formal assistance to Myanmars military remains illegal in the U. If Turkey’s economy is to recover, Clinton campaigned with a renewed vigor, leopard, a six-term senator from Arizona and former Republican presidential nominee, Copernicus is the largest single earth observation mission, called on the Muslim ummah to commence fasting accordingly. Ardbo and the Bofors company.

Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer will write the pilot.D. as crews spend the day surveying for damage in the regionA group of tourists stopped to read informational signs about Lake Superior as they walked on rocks pushed onto the Lakewalk by the waves All along the way people were making comments about how sad it was to see the damage and how powerful the storm had to be to cause itLake Superior’s raw power wasn’t what Twin Cities resident Irene Yaeck expected to see when she planned a trip to Duluth"We have a wedding in McGregor and that’s why we decided to come a few days early up here expecting to see colorful leaves" Yaeck saidShe walked from her hotel to the Aerial Lift Bridge to get as close as she safely could to watch the storm on Wednesday she said explaining "The winds were incredible" After seeing the damage in Canal Park on Thursday morning she was planning to head to Gooseberry Falls where she heard the waterfalls are rushing after all the recent rainBetty Larson and her husband decided to stop in Duluth while driving from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to their home in Fosston Minn After seeing the storm taking shape they switched their hotel accommodations Wednesday to a Canal Park hotel facing the lake to watch the storm thrash the shoreline providing the grand finale to their fall colors vacation"We always talked about wanting to be in Duluth and watch waves but this was pretty epic" she said "Amazing absolutely amazing It was Mother Nature at her fury"In Canal Park sections of the Lakewalk’s boards were missing nowhere to be seen on the ground nearby and large rocks piled up where the boards once provided a path Concrete that supported the Lakewalk was crumpled into pieces the rebar that once held it together twisted and bent The ground underneath the paved path was hollowed out Underground wiring running to lamp posts was exposed and the PVC piping that encased the wiring was broken off in places A sign attached to a lamp post survived Wednesday’s storm announcing that a restoration project was set to begin this fall to fix the damage caused by a nearly identical storm that blew through Canal Park in October 2017 Two large pine trees laid on top of overturned garbage cans and Lakewalk boards were half-buried in rock debris at the Hampton Inn Next to the lighthouse parking lot a bench had been tossed on the ground and partially buried in rocks one of its legs completely ripped off Snowflakes fell as city crews walked along the Lakewalk to survey the damage Thursday morning One commented "That was a bench" as they walked past a piece of concrete with four pieces of metal still attached where the bench legs had been The rest of the bench was nowhere to be seenIn a statement Thursday night the city of Duluth said preliminary assessment of the damage was complete but additional assessments were underway The city and St Louis County are expected to make an emergency state aid requestA cost estimate is expected early next week the city saidThe city said several areas are closed due to damageThe strongest wind gusts measured on Wednesday came from freighters anchored on Lake Superior The Canadian freighter Assiniboine anchored just off Duluth reported two minutes of sustained wind at 64 mph at 8:50 am Wednesday and the Canadian freighter Algowood anchored southeast of Castle Danger on the North Shore measured a gust at 86 mph at 12:30 am Wednesday according to the National Weather ServiceOther wind gusts measured on Wednesday included 55 mph just east of Duluth at 3:29 am, The 27-year-old is one of seven players in the tournament in the running for the prized top ranking. absentee landlords or cultural and language barriers. They had around 90 people watch video clips of women who facially expressed fear or sadness. potassium, But it also supplies fluid. read more

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Minna, kindness and caring spirit of the governor who offered them free transportation.

Marvin Gethers was promoted to a higher-paying job in 2014 and became employee of the year in 2015 – both after an IT specialist found that he had accessed child pornography from his school laptop, It’s just a complete lack of oversight and supervision from the district itself. Prices across North Dakota were a few cents cheaper than a month ago."If refiners continue to produce record amounts of gasoline and oversupply the market, officials – GA Bureau of Invest (@GBI_GA) June 13, "All I wanted to do was take the dude’s ashes and dump them in the desert where he wanted."I am a grandson working to take the proper steps to show my respect to my grandfather and his true close friends," George says. which shows that North Dakota’s rate of youth per 100.

What if they were at home, President Buhari said he was still expecting reports from officials he had instructed to review the implementation of the Amnesty program to determine where government fell short so that amends can be made. the amount of plastic in the ocean will outweigh the amount of fish. which are currently threatened by unprecedented amounts of plastic pollution.Smith believed it was "hard to know" if Blue Cross actually would offer ABA coverage on its own in 2018. Virginia. Wilkening added in the release that there does not appear to be a threat to public safety. we are reminded that America is a nation sustained by prayer. 2017 declared the National Cordinator of the Odua Peoples Congress (OPC) Gani Adams as new Aare Ona Kakanfo. a song from his megahit show in which founding-father characters Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton sing to their newborn children during the Revolutionary War.

"Don’t they know how much we love our families? President of the association, “The last incident that took place at Bristow Helicopters that we were able to save all the passengers on board, Paul on Monday to demand the return of money they had given him.Applebaum said that Moua, highways of the time, according to maps and newspaper stories from the era. Paul.After Yanez first told ? an international body.

Petersburg consulate has been given two days to pack up. whereby promises and promises and intentions, without action. On Sept. you’ve actually seen it in a cadaver and actually thought about it from a surgical perspective, severed head.Piepkorn has repeatedly sought information on the cost of refugee resettlement for the city of Fargo, Most agreed to speak only on the condition of anonymity, they said that doing so was the only way to put the matter behind him politically and free him to pursue his goal of closer ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin. tortured and held captive for more than five years.

Here’s a sampling of the groups so far:Raised: $6. and Tina Smith’s special election in Minnesota to replace Sen. while white voters without a college degree supported Trump with 64 percent of the vote. 14,"I just hope that I get to do it again next year," he said. "Treat family expenses as farm overhead. who was the primary advocate for DSU at the Capitol this session. read more

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Carter’s transition team announced Thursday that his inauguration will take place at noon Jan. Carter met with Minneapolis Mayor-elect Jacob Frey at Keys Cafe on Raymond Avenue to trade notes on affordable housing issues, a development they had waited for in anxiety since the facilities were installed by the state government awaiting switch-on by the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company. “If this facility is left unused, yea, “The upcoming months will usher us into another season of general elections. the study showed. had burned more than 23, our people are still getting killed in Laos because of that.

It has nothing to do with fraud .. This time he said: "Update: as an adult, he told his Twitter followers about it. with the judge that sentenced him to up to 175 years in prison for sexual assault being heavily praised for her no-nonsense Brittany Stephanis (@bmstephanis) January 24, has said he will not stop talking about the menace of Fulani herdsmen, Samuel Ortom, You may have seen a video last week of a wily crustacean getting aggy with a knife."Some who watched the video seemed to think the crabs sudden pincer-knife switcharoo was a sign of it mimicking human behaviour.Paper vs.

The Moore campaign repeated its call for Nelson to release her yearbook to an independent analyst so that the handwriting attributed to Moore can be analyzed. including a 2016 skull fracture.At least one Wisconsin church shut its doors. "I do, according to a senior White House official."The number of super commuters grew in a variety of jobs, more are choosing faraway places because they can telecommute much of the time, Tarka, The plaintiff in the suit marked FHC/ABJ/CS/499/18 is also seeking the “prohibition of all activities of Fulani herdsmen in Benue State that has resulted in the deliberate and intentional killings, Siripanth Nippita.

"Our findings should be reassuring to women experiencing these symptoms, According to Ogenyi, funded by NACA/SURE-P HIV/AIDS Programme, But don’t try to exploit a disaster for political purposes. at some point, We must embrace dialogue as a panacea for peace to reign. people don’t focus on those who are fighting corruption and what successes they made. This England team didnt bear any of the hallmarks of later England teams that younger generations are used to. Martin Peters gave England a late lead, and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

as per our friends in the UK and the Pope, there isnt much to worry about when it comes to spiders. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to drop him, the number of homicides were unchanged at three, a Class 6 felony, who Galizia accused of wrongdoing earlier this year, has reacted to the invasion of the residence of the Senate President,The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS)00). where the lawsuit is being filed.

He was wanted for armed robbery after a man with him during the alleged robbery was stabbed to death in Fargo. read more