Rep Wozniak Stronger water and road infrastructure car insurance reform needed for

first_img13Feb Rep. Wozniak: Stronger water and road infrastructure, car insurance reform needed for Michigan Categories: Wozniak News State Rep. Doug Wozniak, of Shelby Township, today underscored issues he continues to fight for in the Michigan House of Representatives after attending Tuesday night’s State of the State address.Wozniak, who serves on the House Health Policy and Families, Children and Seniors committees, has been a strong advocate of ensuring Macomb County residents have access to safe and clean drinking water through durable delivery systems. The Michigan Legislature – in the past 13 months – has already secured $125 million to help families affected by PFAS contamination, allowing the state to respond quickly and effectively to contamination reports. Since taking office in January 2019, Wozniak said he looks to build on the progress already made, and continue his unwavering commitment to protect families from harmful contaminants, while protecting the pocketbooks of hard-working taxpayers.“Making important investments in our water infrastructure to ensure families have safe, clean drinking water is an area where the governor and the Legislature can work together,” Wozniak said. “We must explore all options to protect our environment and preserve clean water without burdening Michigan taxpayers.”To set Michigan above other states, Wozniak has stressed the importance of properly funding the state’s roadways. During her address, the governor reaffirmed her promise to “fix the damn roads,” yet Wozniak said she fell short of talking about a specific plan.“Fixing our state’s roadways is something all drivers can agree on as being mandatory,” Wozniak said. “While I welcome Gov. Whitmer’s focus on fixing the damn roads, I was surprised she didn’t have any plan on how to fix them or where she will find the money to fix them. Macomb allocates more money to roads than it receives from the state budget. We cannot continue just throwing money at the problem, and putting the burden on Macomb County taxpayers without a specific plan. Until the governor lays out a detailed plan, there’s not much progress we can make.”Wozniak, a first-term lawmaker, has clearly stated the need for reforming the state’s car insurance system responsible for Michigan drivers paying the highest premiums in the nation. Wozniak said he is working with House colleagues to craft a meaningful solution, adding he is concerned the governor failed to provide a detailed plan for car insurance reform in her address.“I was disappointed the governor did not give car insurance reform the attention it needed, and I’m sure Macomb County drivers share the same feeling,” Wozniak said. “Car insurance reform is one of the top priorities of residents back home, and it’s a large enough pocketbook issue that Gov. Whitmer could’ve at least laid out a detailed plan on how she is committed to working with the Legislature in providing a meaningful solution for all motorists across the state.  The state House has created a special committee to deal with this issue.“I would like to hear more from the governor on her ideas to address the cost of car insurance and I hope her plans regarding strengthening our water infrastructure and fixing our roads come to light when she presents her budget in the near future.”last_img