Highlighting International Liberian Artists on Their Way Up Part 4

first_imgA famous Liberian US-based R&B singer known as Jaway has released his newest single called “When Will We Learn”.The song appears to defy the taboo of most cultures that there is nothing of the past that doesn’t affect either the present or the future.His lyrical abilities and the rhythm mix in this song are exceptional.Its message grasps the mind with emotional feeling which hold great power when listening to it.In an exclusive interview with Lib LIFE, the singer revealed the true meaning of his latest track and what inspired him to write such an amazing song.  “What inspired me in writing such a song was almost everything.  Our shortcomings today reveal that we refuse to learn from the past thinking that we are smarter than our history,” he stated in his profile release.“The only difference between our past and the future is how they are presented, but the past still does exist, says Jaway.According to Jaway, if people start taking a keen look into history, they will notice that the same tactics of ignorance and fear are still being used today.“Our past is the most painful, hurtful and devastating experiences we tend not to speak about,” Jaway says,“But, by putting those particles of our past under a magnifying glass, it will allow us to create a wider, clearer and better path for our future,” he said.Born and raised by a single mother and grandmother, Jaway was recruited into the church choir at a very young age.His first musical experience he remembers was against his will.“I was dragged to church kicking and screaming. You see, it was not so much that I did not want to sing in the choir. I was just more interested in sports, going to the beach and playing with my friends”, he smiled.Jaway released his first album in 2009 called Decontee, which means “There’s time for everything”, in his native Kru dialect. He also added that his 14 year experience in the Liberian civil war are reflected in his first album.In 2009, Jaway was nominated for “Artist of the Year” at the Liberian Entertainment Awards (LEA). In May 2010, he topped the LA- R&B chart for Reverbnation. In June of 2014 he came in at top three of LA’s Reverbnation R&B charts.“We should learn that history is our best lesson. We deserve the freedom to be who we are and to live happily without fear about the past” he shared.His music is available on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Spotify and Reverbnation.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

TUF pulls out of 2020 elections bid

first_imgThe United Force (TUF) will not be contesting Guyana’s General and Regional Elections on March 2, 2020.TUF Leader Marissa NadirThe announcement was made by TUF’s Leader, Marissa Nadir, in a statement to the media on Thursday.“The United Force regrets to inform the nation that after several discussions with its Executive and consultations with stakeholders, supporters and the people, the party has decided, for the first time since its formation in the 1960s, not to contest in the 2020 General and Regional Elections,” the statement outlined, adding that the party will not be submitting a list on Nomination Day (January 10).No reasons were given for the political party’s decision not to head to the polls.TUF only revealed that the decision was a “difficult” one to make and that it was “discussed at great length”.TUF was established on October 5, 1960, by Peter D’Aguiar. It first contested national elections in 1961 where it received 16.4% of the votes, winning four seats. In 1964, the party garnered 12.4%, although it increased its representation to seven seats.Over the years, its votes and representation in Parliament declined. In the 2015 elections, TUF received 0.27% of the votes, which was not enough to win any seats.While it will not be contesting in the elections, TUF expressed that this particular election is extremely important, particularly to restore democracy to Guyana.“It is the party’s view that this particular election is extremely crucial and of utmost importance is to restore first and foremost the rule of law, but also to restore democracy in our nation which has been under attack daily within the last five years of this administration,” TUF said.It added: “We strongly condemn the blatant disregard and disrespect of the Supreme Law of our Nation (the Constitution). Within these past five years, we have seen the wanton waste of taxpayers’ dollars, un-kept promises and most repulsively, the lack of decorum and dignity which is required from any Government”.Moreover, the party encouraged all political parties participating in this process to “demonstrate tolerance, decency and dignity, to encourage their supporters to be respectful of every person’s democratic right to support any party of his/her own choice”.TUF also appealed to the international community, elections observers, and the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).“…the most important question to be put to this Administration is whether they are prepared to willingly vacate office should they be voted out”.“Moreover, TUF is calling upon GECOM to allow all observers and stakeholders to view every step of the elections process, not only of the voting and counting of votes but also the input of data into the respective database while cross-checking the output data to determine that the results remain accurate.”Furthermore, the party urged political parties to place more emphasis on young people and gender balance.Additionally, the party urged Guyanese to be respectful of each other, especially during this heightened political season.“To our nation, at this time, let us not be divided as bitter peoples, but unite in our respect of different views and indecency. We must remember that we are one people, one nation with one destiny,” TUF said.At least 14 new political parties have signalled an interest in participating in the upcoming elections, having already submitted their party symbols to GECOM for approval. The number of parties in the race will be determined after Nomination Day.Those qualified to contest will have to have the appropriate number of candidates and nominees on the various lists they will be required to submit.If they do not meet the requirements, the parties’ lists will be deemed defective.They will be given some time to make corrections, and if their amendments are approved, they will qualify to contest the elections.last_img read more