PCP: Beer or bratwurst?

first_imgBrats’ history, taste, make it superior When it comes to tailgating, there is no more frequent a visitor than the bratwurst. Our German ancestors not only made the wise choice of immigrating to Wisconsin; they brought brilliance to the meat game. Not only do words fail to describe it, but few tastes compare to that first brat of the afternoon, draped in whichever condiment(s) your taste buds yearn for in supplement.In this PCP, brats face stiff competition from their game day comrade, beer, but the bratwurst holds attributes unmatched by beer and many other favorite tailgating beverages.First off, with a tailgate scene that generally includes at least 10 companions, brats are ideal. Why limit the efficiency of your grill with flattened burgers when the succulent sausages can double the amount of grill space?Brats will fill you up along the same lines beer does, yet the alcoholic beverage won’t last very long in your system. If you don’t want to be making multiple trips to the lavatory, then don’t make the mistake of choosing beer over brats.Better yet, use that beer a different way and cook your brats in it. After all, Wisconsin is the original home of the beer-battered brat. I have yet to hear of brat-battered beer.Just about everything can help your brat, too. Ketchup, mustard, relish, pickles, onions, …  I am running out of breath.Got underage kids at the tailgate? Help fill them up without breaking the law and hand them a brat. I bet they’ll ask you for another.When it comes down to it, the obvious choice is the Bratwurst. Brats won’t leave you stumbling around, leaving stains on your wardrobe. They just want to be eaten, at every tailgate imaginable.If you’re getting real hungry and feeling really creative, throw a pair of brats on the same bun. That’s tailgating gold.Brats are delicious, but beer is … beerDo you like beer? I like beer. Hell, I love beer. Who doesn’t? We’re from Wisconsin and no state does it better for brewing up the beverage of the gods than the Dairy State.In fact, I bet Sean would argue beer is the king of tailgating if he was of legal drinking age. But he’s not. So let me tell you why beer is best while I put Sean up in his high chair.For one, it tastes delicious. I don’t care if it’s Pabst Blue Ribbon or Milwaukee’s Best; I’ll drink any beer (except Keystone Light, a worse destroyer of the innards than dorm room toilet paper) until I feel (or look) as bloated as William Howard Taft. I’ll take six Schlitzes … or whatever’s free!There are countless varieties on the drink as well. For those who want to consume more than the recommended amount, there’s beer on the lighter side. Want something that tastes great and is less filling? Try Milwaukee’s own Miller Lite (Bud Light should be illegal in Wisconsin), perfect for the many games of beer pong, beer ball and flip cup that make game day, or any other day for that matter, such a great occurrence. Can you make fun games out of brats? Seriously, let me know; that’d be awesome.Maybe you’re not balling on a budget and you want to get classier in your beer choice than your grandmother’s choice in scotch. Might I recommend any of the fine choices New Glarus, Capital Brewery or Leinenkugel’s offer?And let’s be honest. On a warm summer day or a crisp fall afternoon, nothing hits the spot better than that first sip – or shotgun – of beer.But I won’t say no to one of those brats. Or several. After all, I’ll need a solid base to go with this six-pack of Moon Man.last_img read more

Baseball hosts three-game series against Pac-12’s best

first_imgThe baseball team hopes to carry the momentum from Tuesday night’s 6-5 walk-off victory against Pepperdine into a critical three-game series against Utah.Despite having a 10-15 overall record, the Utes are 7-2 in Pac-12, playing good enough to sit atop the conference standings along with Cal.The Trojans improved to a 13-14 overall record in the tenth inning Tuesday after a walk-off single from senior centerfielder Timmy Robinson scoring redshirt sophomore Frankie Rios. The midweek game was a change of pace after the Trojans dropped two of three to Stanford the weekend prior.Robinson, who was named a Pac-12 Player of the Week last week, credits both his and his teammates’ improved offensive production to the team playing more like a collective unit, and the batters’ primary focus is simply on making contact and getting on base. Robinson thinks this USC team has the talent to go on the winning run that head coach Dan Hubbs has been looking for, but expressed that the team will have to play far more consistently to do so.“We are not here to compete with each others’ numbers; it is more what can we do to help the team win,” Robinson said. “If mine is RBIs, then that is my job, and everybody has their job. If we just stick to being a team and not worrying about individual stuff, I think that we will be fine.”Hubbs believes that his team demonstrated its ability to overcome adversity in its extra inning win Tuesday, adding that the players may be feeling more comfortable in these high pressure situations because of the disproportionate number of games the Trojans have played that have been decided by 1 run this season already. Hubbs is hoping that adding a fully healthy senior pitcher Kyle Davis, sophomore pitcher Mitch Hart and freshman pitcher Marrick Crouse to the starting rotation later in the year will be the spark of talent and pitching they need to make it to the college playoffs.“We want to be like that Virginia team was last year that got hot at the right time, got in and then wins the whole thing,” Hubbs said. “I think that talent wise we are capable of it. I think that on the mound we are starting to get healthy.”The Trojans are preparing for a Utah team that Hubbs says maintains a lot of action on field by anticipating a large number of trick plays including the hit and run, the run and hit and the bump and run, which the Utes actively utilizes to stir the defense and create more offensive opportunities.Utah travels to Los Angeles having lost its previous game Tuesday at Utah Valley University 4-10 but after sweeping Arizona in a three game home weekend series last weekend.“I think that it will be a big weekend for us,” Hubbs said. “If we come out with a series win, I think that it will get us back on track as we go into Oregon.”The first pitch of USC’s series with Utah is at 6 p.m. Friday at Dedeaux Field. The following two games will begin at 2 p.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.last_img read more