There are no coins of 1,000 euros, but these 2 euros that you could have at home are worth even more

first_imgThe protectionism of coins and bills is one of the most recognized and large sums of money are extinguished for an old object that is in perfect condition. However, not all bills and coins that have a certain value for collectors must necessarily be tens or hundreds of years old. In many cases the most collectible money is one that has a distinctive mark, such as a printing failure. 2 euro coins. Image: iStock In fact, some currencies of the current euros could cost more than 1,000 euros and, nevertheless, we use them to buy the bread or the bet of La Primitiva. And it is that they have surely passed through our hands valuable coins, similar in appearance to all the others, which are worth many times more than their supposed price … For example, in the field of euros, 2 euro coins are the most Interesting for collectors.For example, if we talk about Spain and therefore we are more likely to find one of them, we must look at whether we have in our portfolio a currency of 2 euros in 2009, commemorating the anniversary of the Economic and Monetary Union. A circulation of 100,000 coins was printed with the biggest stars, and its value is estimated at around 25 euros.Collectible 2 Euro coins. Image: ViralPlusFor example, the 2 euros of San Marino in 2004, a tribute to the historian Bartolomeo Borghesi, have an estimated value of 200 euros. Some of the most sought-after in Europe are from Monaco. The commemorative coin of 2 euros of Monaco in 2007, created on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the death of Princess Grace of Monaco, of which about 20,000 copies were produced, can have a value of 2,500 euros. It is the most expensive and demanded currency by Euro-collectors.A little less costs the 2 Euro coin of Monaco 2015 made on the occasion of the 800th Anniversary of the Construction of the First Castle on the Rock. With a circulation of only 10,000 coins, a collector could pay around 1,600 euros for it. But there are many more 2-euro coins that could have a much higher value than the supposed, so we recommend taking a look at your wallet and numismatic databases.center_img Numismatics is the collection of coins and billsSome 2 euro coins can multiply their value by 1,000Monaco coins are, in general, the most expensive in the euro zonelast_img read more