How to use QQ space optimization ranking

The Tencent

allows us to analyze its practice, we first look at the key words in the QQ space and the title and description. When I click on the snapshot found love Shanghai love Shanghai does not seem to store the snapshot, click the QQ snapshot directly into the address space, the do not know why, see a snapshot of Sogou is snapshot. Leave aside the first snapshot through the source file look at the title is QQ space name +[QQ address space, keywords are fixed "QQ space, yellow diamond, free dress, happy farm, QQ farm, QQ ranch, the key now is not on the search engine is very important, only the title and description can be set to no the problem, title and description are spatial data set in space inside the set, the space name is to set the title, that is described. This title may be provided to the site keywords and describe and repeat keywords. read more