Tokelau’s only Pacific Games athlete ready

first_imgThe country’s sports federation says its lack of representation is down to it not having had enough time to prepare for the games, and its athletes not being available.Tokelau’s national legal advisor Lise Suveinakama says the blunder will prove a valuable lesson for the nation, which has a population of about 1400.She says it is important that athletes are better organised and prepared for regional competitions.Squash player Sam Iasona, who works as a line mechanic in New Zealand, says he’s thrilled to be able to travel to Papua New Guinea.Some of his workmates have even chipped in to fly him to Port Moresby.”What started as something that wasn’t too serious, I just started playing squash about a year ago and then one of the cousins suggested perhaps I should play squash in the Pacific Games. I’ll probably be playing a lot of guys who’ve been playing a lot longer than I have so I’ve been training hard for the last year and a bit.”The men’s squash competition begins today.After being in a similar position, Vanuatu’s Mary Ramel is already planning her next table tennis event after narrowly missing out on gold in the women’s Para singles final.Competing in a major tournament for the first time, Ramel twice took the lead against New Caledonia’s Delphine Andre before losing the deciding set 11-6 at the Caritas Stadium.Her coach, Anolyn Lulu, says Ramel’s preparation was far from ideal and up until November she hadn’t picked up a table tennis bat in years.”After Cyclone Pam, which damaged our training venue, they just started training just one month before we got here so the match was very tough for her. I believe in Mary – she can do better than that – just the crowd and all this it is an inexperience for her [because] she’s never participated in any table tennis event before. The surrounding, the environment itself also contributed to her defeat. Despite that, she played well and she will go back and home and continue to train and play in upcoming events”.New Caledonia also won the gold medal in the men’s Para singles event, with Fiji winning the men’s and women’s seated Para events.last_img read more

“Go ahead without fear of the final goal”

first_imgIt was 17:15 on a quiet and strange Saturday without soccer when over the public address of a depopulated Rodríguez López the hymn of the Tenerife. The idea arose since at that time the meeting against the Malaga which, like all others, was postponed until further notice by the coronavirus. Many residents and Blue and Whites’ fans also joined this initiative of the entity, who also made themselves heard from their balconies. “Tenerife, go ahead, you have to defend our noble tradition …” It begins by saying the song that was first played in the stadium on September 11, 1960 in the preview of the match against Real Murcia (3-2). In these previous days, the club encouraged its followers on social networks to resound throughout the Island the stanzas of such an emblematic theme. Many of them supported him and made Saturday a somewhat more bearable day, they achieved “without fear of the final goal”, feeling a little less football orphaned.The hymn of Tenerife It is a work composed by Diego García Cabrera Y Antonio González Santamaría, members of The Huaracheros, an unforgettable group that in its time became a musical reference in all Canary Islands Y South America. During the 90s, coinciding with the most glorious stage of the club, the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Victor Pablo Pérez, made an instrumental version of the hymn, which was very well received. In 2017 a more modern version was made that did not have the expected acceptance.last_img read more

Cesc and his sad end at Arsenal: “I did not like the attitude of some colleagues”

first_img4 Reason for leaving Arsenal: “I was a captain and I had a lot of pressure. That team had to win something, and I gave it all for that. Every time we lost, I would come home and cry, but I would get on the bus and I would see some of my colleagues on the bus, laughing and agreeing where they were going to go out at night. There came a time when I felt lonely with this feeling of winning. “It only had two supports: “If it wasn’t for the attitudes of some colleagues, especially in the last two years, I would have stayed, but I realized that only Robin van Persie and Samir Nasri were at my level in mental and technical terms. It is not arrogance, it was what I felt”. Your departure from Barcelona: “Once I decide to leave (from Barcelona), Arsenal will be the first option and I won’t be able to speak to another club for a week to see if Arsenal wants me or not.”Arsenal did not bid: “Arsene didn’t give me an answer. We just had to wait for a whole week to see if he would respond. It was definitely my first choice and in my mind I was telling everyone that I was going to Arsenal. That was what I wanted. Arsene could see That and I didn’t want to screw it up. They knew about the situation, but they didn’t say anything in a week. They waited all week without giving me an answer. “Turn for other clubs: “After a week I had my chance. I spoke with Manchester City, with Manchester United and then with José Mourinho, something I never thought would happen.”Chelsea chose: “To be honest, when I left the room with Mourinho I said ‘that’s it, I don’t need to talk to anyone else, I’m going to Chelsea’. What he told me the team wanted to do, what he thought of me and how he wanted me to play … That’s what i wanted”.Live in london: “On top of all that, it was London, not Manchester. London was my home.”Club rivalry: “I knew there would be repercussions with Arsenal, it would have been the same with City or United, but I wanted to return to the Premier League.”Correct choice: “Thank God I made that decision, because those five years I was very happy there. We won everything in England, being the team that won the most in English football while I was there and the connection with the fans was impeccable.”center_img Cesc Fabregas, midfielder of Monacohe confessed on the podcast Arseblog that your friend Xabi Alonso He begged him to help him sign for the Arsenal in 2009, just when the tolosarra changed the Liverpool for him Real Madrid. However, he also recounted things from his own career, such as how he felt at the Emirates Stadium, why he left the club, or how his signing for José Mourinho’s Chelsea was forged when Arsenal decided not to bid on him. .last_img read more

We must live a life of high moral standard and ethics

first_imgDear Editor,I have decided to pen this letter on moral standard and ethics from personal experience with people in Guyana, as well as those out of Guyana. The word ‘ethic’ can be defined as follows: ”a set of moral principles, especially ones relating to or affirming a specified group, field, or form of conduct.The basic concepts and fundamental principles of decent human conduct includes study of universal values, such as the essential equality of all men and women, human or natural rights, obedience to the law of land, concern for health and safety and, increasingly, also for the natural environment.”Let me begin with work ethic with the question: How many people in Guyana go to work on time? How many managers, supervisors, CEOs and clerks can you meet at 08:30h in their offices? I have visited several offices in Guyana and observed most workers going to work late and the bosses are never in office on time. I also observed that many workers just idle their day away collecting the Government’s money by false pretence, including their bosses.If you call many offices to talk to a person in position they are always in a meeting or not in office or too busy to take your call. They never return a call or reply to your email, Facebook or WhatsApp messages etc. I have seen these activities in most of our offices in Guyana more than 35 years now.Over two months ago, I saw a vacancy at the University of Guyana. I sent an application online I got a reply four days later stating that my application was received. After a month, I sent them an email of inquiry about my application.They replied in a few days saying that my application is still under consideration. It’s over two months now… I sent them another inquiry in a week and got no reply.Here is the highest academic institution of learning taking months to process a job application and don’t have the moral standard to write to me to say if my application was NOT accepted or to go for an interview. I may suffer a heart attack if they invite me for an interview.My next experience is with the Legal Affairs Ministry. They wrote me a letter dated November 28, 2017, informing me that my ”Application of Appointment as Justice of Peace and Commissioner of Oaths to Affidavits is now at the Minister of State for final deliberation.”That letter was only sent to me because I wrote about it several times in the newspapers questioning why my Police report took over two years to be sent to the Legal Affairs Ministry.After several inquiries to the office of the Minister of State by calls, to date it’s about eight months now and I did not received an email, phone call nor letter pertaining to the status of my appointment. This procedure of my application started in 2003 since the People’s Progressive Party Administration about 15 years now and to date it would be better if I was told I am not appointed and reasons given. (I have done over six Police interviews in those years).What I have discovered in this country is simple matters that can take a week or a month will take years because of incompetence and lack or morality and ethics.Sometimes Managers and Ministers are in their offices but they refused to answer calls; they tell their secretaries to say they are not in office. What are they telling their secretaries in simple terms is ‘’to lie for them’. A gentleman told me in Brazil you can buy a property and get the paper work done the same day or less than a week. Here in Guyana, is months and years and the royal run around at the Guyana Revenue Authority for the compliance. In Trinidad you get your Birth Certificate same day; here is weeks and months.I wrote a book and sent it to my publisher 01:35h I got a reply in five minutes. I sent Warwick University an email I got three replies in 10 minutes back and forth. How do we compare ourselves with these institutions abroad? Why can’t we be competent like them?I haven’t seen the great change of this country since modern technology all over you go is tons of old books and papers that should be replaced by CDs and flash drives. We don’t have much work ethics in Guyana.We are always late and used terms like ”it’s better to be late than never” we go to work late, watch TV late, wake late, and laze around our jobs doing nothing and people in this country have a real drinking problem they are always drunk even on their jobs.Most times, people are pushed into offices because of political affiliations and they get FAT salaries for doing absolutely nothing. We must ask ourselves many questions like how competent is this person holding this office? What did he/she ever run efficiently before? Are they honest? Are they punctual? Can they run this office? Do they have a stable family life? Are we very principled when it comes to keep our WORD AND TIME with people? You are a manager you invited an applicant for a job interview at 09:00h but you showed up at 12 noon. What example are you setting for that new applicant? NONE. You need to be fired.Simple evaluation of people should not take us long. But in this country people ”drag their feet” on their jobs even our schools have teachers who need teachings themselves because they are never in class and they can never complete the CXC exam syllabus on time.Our character, morality, integrity, punctuality and speaking the truth at all times are keys to the foundation of a person of exemplary character and attitude. Mahatma Gandhi had this to say about character:”In times to come people will not judge us by the creed we profess or the label we wear or the slogans we shout, but, by our work, industry, sacrifice, honesty and purity of character.”It’s about time we as a people wake up to these truths about morality and ethics and inculcate more efficient work ethics.Regards,Reverend GideonCecillast_img read more

50 schools participate in biennial STEAM fair

first_imgBy Jemima HolmesThe Diamond Secondary School was a hive of activity on Monday as the Region Four leg of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) fair commenced.This biennial event allows for students to create and showcase projects in theGolden Grove Nursery School showcasing the uses of the coconutareas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), but the fair was this year extended to include the Arts category.Hundreds of students, hailing from as far as Mahaica on the East Coast of Demerara and Soesdyke on the East Bank of Demerara, attended the event accompanied by teachers, parents and well-wishers. In excess of 50 schools presented projects at the competition in hopes of coming out ‘on top’.The opening ceremony saw a number of speakers who all touched on the importance of STEAM to the students’ education and Guyana’s development. Presenting the feature address was University of Guyana Lecturer Dr Elroy Charles, who explicitly spoke on the importance of STEAM to Guyana’s Green and Sustainable Development Plan. He highlighted areas such as renewable energy, biotechnology, ecology and biodiversity, noting that they can all contribute to Guyana’s Green and economic development.In speaking on the need for energy, Dr Charles stated that our endeavours mustMahaica Primary’s ‘Mango Fusion’ projectbenefit hinterland regions as well as coastal areas. “We need to develop renewable energy resources and ensure that people living in far-flung areas of hinterland regions can enjoy the benefits of energy,” he said.The UG lecturer encouraged students to continue asking questions even though they may sometimes seem small and annoying. He said, “It is that form of inquisitiveness that students you must have as you seek to pave the way to a green and sustainable society.”The STEAM fair was declared open by Regional Education Chairperson (Region Four) Genevieve Allen.The compound of the Diamond Secondary School was given a splash of colour as students from more than 50 nursery, primary and secondary schools arranged and presented a total of some 122 entries. The enthusiastic students were eager to present their school’s project to anyone who would lend a listening ear.Kacy Persaud and Sonita Mentore of Helena Primary School explained that their project focused on recycling matter that would often be left as litter. The young ladies showed how the waste materials could be transformed into craft anduseable objects.On the other hand, a little lady from Mahaica Primary showcased a colourful costume and display on the different uses of mangoes, titled ‘mango fusion’.In the secondary department, a series of eloquent presentations were made by Annandale Secondary, Soesdyke Secondary and Diamond Secondary. The secondary projects tended to delve deeper into areas such as soil enhancement, fossil fuels, sustainable development, and robotics. Jaleel Thomas of Annandale Secondary explained how he and his colleagues arrived at their project.“On the East Coast of Demerara, there has been an increase in mechanic shops and the canals are clogged with water hyacinths. We are using the water hyacinths to extract all the heavy metals from the water,” he stated.Students in the lower secondary category are competing in Home Economics, Environmental Science, Agricultural Science, Social and Behavioural Change, and Mathematics. In the upper secondary category, students are matching skills in Environmental Science, Integrated Science, Agricultural Science, Visual Arts, Home Economics, Mathematics, Industrial Technology, Information Technology, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. And in the nursery category, students are competing in Craft and Environmental Science, and Science and Mathematics. In the primary category, they are competing in Mathematics, Craft and Visual Arts, Environmental Science and Science.Diamond Secondary have ventured to defend their 2016 title with the entry of 11 whopping projects. Each category has a trophy prize attached to it.Although many of the students are anticipating the results of the competition, they will have to wait until the event culminates later today to be awarded prizes.last_img read more

Former GDF rank “fit” to stand trial for girlfriend’s murder

first_imgOrwain Sandy, the former Guyana Defence Force captain who shot his girlfriend, Reona Payne to death and then blamed his action on mental illness, was deemed fit to stand trial for the heinous crime.This was revealed when he reappeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Thursday.Sandy’s Attorney, James Bond told the court that there were difficulties getting a private psychiatrist to examine his client and as such, they had to resort to local Psychiatrist, Dr Bhrio Harry to perform the evaluation.Bond further related that he and his client are ready to proceed with the full disclosures for prosecution. On the other hand, Police Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt told the court that the Police are yet to collect three outstanding statements in the matter but assured that they will be ready for commencement of the Preliminary Inquiry (PI).However, Magistrate Judy Latchman further remanded Sandy to prison and the matter was adjourned until June 11 for statements.In May, Sandy shot and killed Payne in broad daylight in First Street Alexander village; he then turned himself into the Police and handed over the service weapon he used to commit the act. Payne was shot multiple times about her body.Sandy was subsequently charged but he was granted an application to be mentally evaluated after his attorney told the court that the examination is critical to his client’s well-being, since he has been consulting with a psychiatrist for the past two years.It was reported that Sandy and Payne were in a motorcar proceeding along First Street, Alexander Village when an argument ensued after he reportedly accused her of being unfaithful.It was reported that he stopped the car, and as the woman exited, he shot her several times with his service revolver.He left her lifeless body on the roadway and went to the Ruimveldt Police Station, where he surrendered, informing ranks what he had done moments earlier.This publication was told that the argument ensued after Sandy had confronted Payne about having an affair with one of his colleagues.last_img read more

KB/Martha Stewart homes to be built in east Lancaster

first_img“This is going to help us economically,” Hearns said. “It’s going to attract retail business, it’s going to attract restaurants and it’s going to attract jobs. “They’re going to come here because of this type of community.” KB Home’s investment in east Lancaster represents a vote of confidence for the area’s future, City Manager Bob Lasala said. “KB and Martha Stewart (Living Omnimedia) have made a good business decision,” Lasala said. “They’re the ones who evaluated this and said this makes sense, and that speaks well of this city.” The Lancaster development is the first such KB/Martha Stewart project under construction in Los Angeles County. KB/Martha Stewart homes are being built nationally. KB Home regional marketing director Lauris Bye said the Martha Stewart homes will feature unique amenities, such as decorative kitchen cubbyholes and custom flooring patterns. He said KB Home is anticipating interest from potential buyers outside the Antelope Valley. “The person who’s going to want to buy this home is someone who wants a specific look and feel to their home,” Bye said. “That’s what Martha brings.” (661) 267-7802160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! LANCASTER – One of the nation’s largest home builders broke ground Tuesday on a celebrity mogul-inspired east Lancaster development that city officials say will encourage business growth in the community the recent boom all but passed by. KB Home began construction of the 92-home Martha Stewart-inspired Terrane Vista development on a parcel at 35th Street East and Avenue A-8 that company officials say will be completed by early July. The one- and two-story homes will feature distinctive designs that include stone-decorated fronts and kitchen islands. A KB Home news release said prices are expected to start in the low-$300,000 range. “It’s unique,” said Lancaster Mayor Henry Hearns, who was among several city officials who attended the groundbreaking ceremony. “These aren’t the kind of homes that we normally see out here.” Hearns said he views the development as a potential boon for a neighborhood where business growth has been conspicuously absent. last_img read more

Fisherman found guilty of attacking pub landlord with baseball bat

first_imgA fisherman has been found guilty of assault causing harm to an Inishowen pub landlord.James McGettigan had pleaded not guilty to attacking Darren McLaughlin with a baseball bat at his home in Gleneely on October 8th, 2013. Mr McLaughlin claimed that McGettigan followed him from the Orchard Bar in Gleneely and attacked him violently at his home in Foden.McGettigan had been barred form the premises two days earlier by Mr McLaughlin after CCTV footage showed he had been involved in another altercation.McGettigan’s barrister, Mr Peter Nolan, had claimed that Mr McLaughlin had wrongly claimed it was his client  who attacked the pub landlord after an incident in which he was caught masturbating at his bar.Following the incident, regulars at the bar dubbed Mr McLaughlin Tommy Tank and Pat Mustard, a character in the Fr Ted television series.A jury took almost an hour and a half to find McGettigan, of Gemstone Park, Gleneely, guilty of the charge.McGettigan, 32, who wore a blue suit, shook his head as the verdict was read out.Judge Martin Nolan adjourned the case for sentencing until next Thursday when McGettigan will be sentenced.Gardai did not object to bail.The court asked Mr McLaughlin, who suffered serious injuries when he was attacked, to provide a full victim impact statement.Fisherman found guilty of attacking pub landlord with baseball bat was last modified: January 26th, 2017 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:CarndonaghdonegalInishowenJames McGettiganPat Mustardlast_img read more

Four Tools for Online Streaming Video Discovery

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts Tags:#start#startups Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img If you’re like us, you’ve been known to unwind by watching streaming shows and movies on sites like Netflix and Sidereel. In one night we can traverse multiple video and TV networks in our ongoing quest to discover the best streaming content. While most of these services offer a selection of titles, there’s always room for further discovery. Below are four services that take the guess work out of your evenings:Jinni: After a long road to public launch, movie recommendation service Jinni finally released its public beta this morning. Riffing on Pandora’s Music Genome Project recommendation system, Jinni offers users a chance to discover new content through its Movie Genome Project. ReadWriteWeb covered Jinni’s beta release in January and we were impressed with the site’s many search filters including genres, mood and plot. Since then, the site has added more than 30,000 titles and integration with Netflix and Hulu.Clerkdogs: Clerkdogs is the site best known for offering members recommendations from knowledgeable video clerks. Members choose the movie characteristics they’re most interested in and the service recommends new movies for discovery. ReadWriteWeb covered Clerkdogs in late 2008. Since then the company has scaled its rating and tagging services to more than 25 ex-video-store clerks. While the clerks spend an average of 1 hour reviewing each movie, it has still managed to amass more than 11,000 titles across multiple genres. The service offers integration with Amazon, IMDB and Blockbuster. Toobla: Although not specific to movies and television content, Toobla offers users a great way to discover visual content. Co-founded by former Digg VP of Technology Brian Link, Toobla offers a unique twist on bookmarking by giving users a chance to fill “visual folders”. Similar to Digg, members install a bookmarklet and add content to their folders as they browse the web. This service is particularly appealing for TV and film content because friends can share folders full of video content regardless of the hosting service. Users can also choose to import media from YouTube, Digg and Delicious. Once you’ve created a folder, you can share your collection of videos via Twitter and email, or you can embed a link in your website.Nanocrowd: This service offers users a chance to choose movies by “nanogenre”. Users type in a movie they already like as well as a nanogenre like “bloodbath carnage mindless” or “vampire creepy darkness. From here the service creates a custom list of suggestions. Users can add the suggestions to their “2 c list”, click to see a longer description or access the movie via Netflix or Amazon. One of the great features of this site is that you don’t need to become a member to access the search results. Photo Credit: Flickr User Bava Tuesdays dana oshiro 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Epix Launches Premium Movie Channel for TV and the Web (Invites)

first_imgWe got a chance to test the web site over the last week and the site, which will feature an exclusive Madonna concert to celebrate the launch this weekend, feels very similar to Hulu – just with a different kind of content. It’s completely Flash-based, so users won’t have to install any new plugins to use the service. This, Emil Rensing stressed when we talked to him today, was done on purpose to make the user experience frictionless. The quality of the videos on the site, which scales up to 720p HD depending on your connection’s speed, is exceptionally good. A user needs to have at least a 500kbps connection, though this shouldn’t be an issue for FiOS subscribers who are watching at home. The site currently features about 300 movies, including relatively recent releases like Iron Man and the latest Indiana Jones movie. Rensing told us that he expects to be able to offer over 3000 movies by the end of next year. Because of Epix’s close connection to various movie studies, the site will be able to feature movies about 9 months after their theatrical release. Most premium channels like HBO have to wait about a year before they can show a movie.More Than Just Movies: Extras & SharingIf Epix was only a premium movie channel on the web, it would be interesting in its own right. The site, however, also offers a number of interesting additional features. Epix, for example, features DVD-like extras like interviews and behind-the-scenes specials for almost every movie. Right now, most of these are produced by the studios, but Epix will add more original programming over time.Another feature is the sites ‘watch with a friend’ functionality. This allows users to watch a movie together with up to 5 friends, no matter if they are FiOS subscribers or not. The host remains in full control over the video playback and can start and stop the video at any time. As Rensing told us, Epix wants to recreate the feeling of inviting your friends over to your house, so it doesn’t care if your friends subscribe to the same channels you do. Get Your Invites (Even if You Don’t Have FiOS)If you are interested in giving Epix a try, you can request an invite for a three-day pass here. These will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Epix also provided us with 180 30-day VIP passes. If you want to claim one of these, you have to follow these instructions: Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… follow @epixHD on Twittertweet “@epixHD Experience Epix #readwriteweb” Tags:#news#web frederic lardinois 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketcenter_img A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts Almost every TV channel offers some programming on the Web these days. Epix, a new premium movie channel that will launch this weekend, goes a step further. If you are a Verizon FiOS subscriber, you will be able to watch the same movies that Epix shows on TV on the channel’s Internet site. Epix is a joint venture between Viacom, MGM Studios and Lionsgate. If you are not a FiOS subscriber, you can still take a peek at the service. You can request a three-day pass here or read on for instructions on how to claim a 30-day pass.While only FiOS subscribers can currently access the programming on Epix’s site, the channel’s chief digital officer Emil Rensing today told us that the company is actively pursuing deals with other Internet and cable providers as well. The company, though, isn’t ready to make any announcements about these partnerships, yet.last_img read more