The Evansville Rescue Mission Appoints Evansville Chief of Police, Billy Bolin, as a New…

first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare The Evansville Rescue Mission is honored and privileged to announce the addition of Evansville Chief of Police, Billy Bolin, to its Board Directors, comprised now of 12 members.Chief of Police Billy Bolin has served on the Evansville Police Department since 1998.  He has been assigned to various positions on the department during his career, including Patrol, Juvenile Detective Office, Crime Prevention Officer and Patrol Sergeant.  He started his Policing Career at the Henderson Kentucky Police Department in 1995.Chief Bolin graduated from the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training in February 1996.  He is also a graduate of the Police Executive Leadership Academy.  Chief Bolin won the National 2005 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award for Outstanding Public Service and was the 2009 Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police, Police Officer of the Year.Evansville Rescue Mission’s President/CEO, Tracy L. Gorman, states, “We’re excited to welcome Chief Bolin to our Board of Directors. He brings with him a great love for all the citizens of our city, including those we serve at your ERM who are often forgotten by society. He will be a wonderful addition to our Board as we prepare to celebrate our 100th Anniversary in 2017.”Founded in 1917, the Evansville Rescue Mission operates six ministry divisions throughout Vanderburgh County: the Residence Center which shelters homeless men (more than 50,000 nights of lodging provided in 2015), the Youth Care Center-a detention center for troubled youth, Camp Reveal-the Mission’s campground/retreat center, two Evansville Rescue Mission Thrift Stores located in Evansville, as well as ERM’s new Donation Center, located a block away from ERM’s downtown main campus in Evansville.last_img read more

Guidance: Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for people receiving direct payments

first_imgThis guidance sets out the main messages for individuals and organisations that can support planning, and help slow the transmission of the coronavirus as the outbreak progresses across the country.It’s accompanied by additional guidance (third and fourth attachments), mostly aimed at direct payment holders, that directly responds to questions and concerns previously raised by direct payment holders, personal assistants, and charities and organisations that support them.last_img

Placing “The Beautiful Game” Within The Unique Catalog Of Vulfpeck: An Intimate Album Review

first_imgWith Vulfpeck’s new album The Beautiful Game out for the past week, fans have had the opportunity to thoroughly peck over the new release. The pop-funk band continues to pick up fans along every turn, though new listeners might be unfamiliar with just how this new album fits into the band’s unique canon. For that, we turn to trumpeter Greg Rosen of Swift Technique, the band whose horn section recently played with Vulfpeck in Philadelphia and rocked the roof off of the Electric Factory. Rosen takes us through The Beautiful Game, introducing the album before taking a track-by-track look at the release. Stream the new album and read along below!It’s hard to take any Vulfpeck release out of its intended context. While all of their records stand up on their own, there is an inherent strategy in everything they do. Each EP or LP is a logical successor to the last one. As their popularity grows, though, they are exposed to scores of people who are not attuned to their grooves, not privy to the in-jokes and history that informs each new album.Without being intimately familiar with the personality of this band, you could be excused for feeling like an outsider. You could be excused, as a first time listener, for not latching on to these songs in the way long time Vulf fans undoubtedly have. You could be excused for not laughing at Jack’s monologue in “Conscious Club.” You could be excused for being thrown off balance by the musical and production curve-balls hurled towards you at every turn.There is, however, no excuse for not breaking your neck to the ‘holy shit!’ groove of “Cory Wong.”Luckily, for first time Vulfers, the group has made it extremely easy to track their progress and get up to speed. Not one of their six album releases exceeds 35 minutes. You could absorb their entire discography in less time than it would take to watch three episodes of CSI: Miami! Vulfpeck wants you. They and their fans want you to delve deep into their world. One of the joys of this band is plunging down the endless internet rabbit holes associated with their individual projects and guest artists. The Beautiful Game, having more guests than all their previous albums combined, allows for a wealth of discovery. At every turn the listener is given the opportunity to be in on the secret.The real treat of all of these incredibly talented artists putting their touch on a Vulfpeck release is hearing how mastermind, Jack Stratton incorporates them into his grand design. The more ingredients he has, the more he can exert his influence. This album more than any other, demonstrates his skill as producer, engineer, mixer, comedian, bandleader, and curator. Given so much material, he makes the pieces fit together in a cohesive and digestible way. His attention to detail and true reverence for his influences shine brightly on this release.To be honest, I am not as immediately in love with this record as I was their last. I don’t know if I ever will be. Thrill of the Arts, to me, is a quintessential ‘coming out’ album for Vulfpeck and will hold up for a long long time. The Beautiful Game is more challenging on an ideological level. Its a challenge to accept that your favorite funk-band-who-never-claimed-to-be-a-funk-band is making (really good) pop songs. Its challenging even though this type of music has endured as some of the best ever for the past 50 years. Pop is in this group’s DNA and they’d be the first to tell you that. This record challenges longtime fans to throw out their expectations of what Vulfpeck should be. They will always be themselves and as their family expands to include a wide array of influences, so too will their sound.Then & Now: Theo Katzman Discusses What It Means To Be VulfpeckMost of all The Beautiful Game challenges you to not be a passive listener, to not take any song at face value, whether its theirs or anyone else’s. They ‘came out’ with Thrill and now they want you to get to know the real Vulf. The Beautiful Game is at points quirky, poppy, patient, theatrical, funny, inspirational, and disgustingly funky. In this way its a real summary of everything that has defined and created the success of this group.So if you have any hangups about this latest addition to the Vulfpeck catalog, I invite you to listen deeper. Key in to the influences and the references. Locate Cory Wong in 7 of the 10 songs and marvel at his ability to add his unique flavor and still serve the Vulfpeck sound. I really can’t say enough about his playing on this album. Sink your teeth into the many layers and details that Jack and engineer, Tyler Duncan so deliberately crafted, like your grandmother slaving all day over her home made kougal. Get into it.Here’s my track by track breakdown of The Beautiful Game:The Sweet Science – My goodness. Listen to this song and tell me Jews don’t have soul. Whether taken as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the overt Jewishness of the group or as a sincere showcase of one of the oldest enduring Jewish art forms, this song speaks volumes. Clarinet can be one of the most hauntingly expressive wind instruments when played correctly. The characteristic scoops, dips, trills and grace notes are all used to great effect here to convey so much mourning. This is a total 180 from Vulfpeck’s other most notable clarinet display, the playful and bright outro to “Back Pocket.” It’s a twist right from the get-go. As a foreword, it effectively says, “Abandon your expectations. Vulfpeck will defy them.”Animal Spirits is the purest pop in the spirit of the Jackson 5. But instead of Little Michael we hear Theo Katzman singing lead and displaying impeccable range and precision. His vocals are never overly flashy and they serve the song perfectly. With typically catchy and winking lyrics, thick layers of keyboards and of course some great Joe Dart bass work, this song is pure fun. Also listen closely to the smooth and rhythmic outro lyrics by Christine Hucal and you’ll hear a clever nod to another Vulf favorite, “Back Pocket.”Dean Town – As much as this seeming Weather Report homage is a showcase for the whole band, its really the Joe Dart show the whole way through. The man is a sixteenth note MACHINE. You get the feeling he could play that complex, syncopated melody for a year straight and never drop a beat. As the song goes on more, members join in on the main riff, proving without doubt how talented and in-sync these musicians are. Among all the intricacy, the tune still grooves super hard thanks to Jack and Theo maintaining a rock solid pocket. This is a “vintage” Vulfpeck performance if there ever was one. This song, along with many others in the Vulf catalog, remind me that you can’t rightly separate one aspect of their presence from the other: listening to the recording alone, you might be fooled into thinking this was one drummer but, the video shows Jack and Theo playing separate parts of the drum kit/lamp. Another example of the attentive listening/watching this group demands.Conscious Club is Vulfpeck’s dance club anthem. Having spent considerable time in Berlin night clubs, I can tell you this track would be right at home. This feels akin to the kind of uplifting dance-pop of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” while splicing in the production sensibilities of Quincy Jones. This is especially apparent with the disco strings and Cory Wong’s guitar break which is reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Starting Something.” All the while Joe Dart’s warm, round bass tone fills out the sound and gives this song a ton of forward momentum. Jack’s directions to the Conscious Club are, of course, hilarious and will undoubtedly be spoken word-for-word by audiences across the nation during Vulf’s next tour. “Ich Bin Dart!” And in case you forgot just how funky he is, Cory’s outro is the perfect tag to let you know this is still Vulfpeck you’re listening to.El Chepe is a pallet cleanser. It’s no coincidence that this is the longest song on the album. You’ll need a lengthy breather before the second half kicks in. This is a good song for sitting back in your rocking chair and whittling a new toothpick. With so much happening production-wise in “Conscious Club”, it’s refreshing to hear the group lay into the kind of patient, minimalist groove at which they are so adept. This feels like a spiritual sequel to Rango I & II with the country inclination and masterful guitar (Adam Levy) and lap steel (Rich Hinman) work. I absolutely love the muted tone of the lap steel and how it plays against the dirtier, more biting guitar tone. This is also a great showcase for the honky tonk stylings of Woody Goss.1 for 1, DiMaggio – I am a huge baseball fan. YUGE. So when Vulfpeck makes a song about my favorite sport, I get excited. This track is like a mouthful of Big League Chew. I can already see the little league training montage set to this tune. The group’s sense of humor is on full display here with lyrics that are basically groups of baseball buzzwords set to a rhythm. I laughed out loud when Jack said “New York Yonkles” and “Bartoli Colon.” Antwuan Stanley gives a typically powerful performance though he doesn’t have as much room to stretch out here as in the past. I loved how the group dug into the dirty disco groove in the chorus.Sidenote: I’m very glad Woody Goss was mentioned by name in this song because, gosh-dang-it, the man can play. While Cory Wong has, deservedly, gotten a lot of focus as a guest player on this record, Woody remains the glue that holds the sound together. The definition of tasteful, he epitomizes the Vulfpeck philosophy of never doing more than you should to serve a particular song. When he does poke his head out into the spotlight, he creates some of the most memorable licks, phrases, and chords in the Vulf catalog. #woodyforpresidentVulfpeck’s Woody Goss Takes Us Birdwatching, Gives Wild Interview About Burritos And SpaceDaddy, He Got a Tesla – This song is perhaps the most obvious departure from the standard Vulfpeck sound. It’s most apparent in the drum performance. Usually their drum grooves are strikingly simple and crisp, letting the chordal and melodic instruments take up most of the sonic space. Here, though, the drum beat, played by Jamire Williams, is a constant stream of syncopated snare drum and washed out ride cymbal. This is by no means bad, and in fact this is a really cool, experimental, Herbie Hancock-esque song. It just doesn’t really blend with the sound of the rest of the record. I’d be curious to hear this played with a more traditional Vulf drum feel. Its always great to hear from the original Vulfpeck collaborator, Joey Dosik. His alto sax tone has become as big a part of the Vulfpeck signature sound as any full time member.Margery, My First Car – This song is downright hypnotic. In its instrumental form, this was a tune in which you could easily lose yourself. Now, with Christine Hucal’s vocals added, its like walking through a dream. Right from the intro you are transported. Her layered harmonies feel like being draped in velvet, which I would regularly do were it socially acceptable. Meanwhile Cory Wong once again subtly elevates this song with his tasteful and utterly funky guitar work, placed perfectly in the mix. I’ve also always loved the snare drum in this song: it sounds like Indiana Jones punching Nazis.Try something when listening to this one: Close your eyes. Imagine a beautiful person of your preferred gender. All of their features are up to you except this: their eyes are big and bold and deep green. Keep those eyes in your mind. This person is leading you by the hand through a corn maze at dusk, looking over their shoulder at you, giving you the most alluring bedroom eyes you’ve ever seen. What wouldn’t you do for that person?Aunt Leslie – This song feels like a number from a synth-heavy sequel to Fiddler on the Roof performed by a community theater group in Skokie, Illinois and directed by David Byrne. Antwuan really gets a chance to flex his muscles here. In more scaled down and contemplative settings he can perform some serious vocal gymnastics. This is an endearingly honest performance with just the right amount of quirkiness. With a vague and mysterious subject, this song still has the power to evoke a very specific feeling of bittersweet nostalgia. In this way it reminds me of another Vulfpeck classic, Wait for the Moment.Cory Wong – What a way to end an album! You will need a neck brace after this one. As the title implies, this song is all about Cory. After playing a mostly supportive role throughout Game, with occasional shining moments, its great to hear him take the lead and let loose. His Minneapolis and Prince-fueled roots show through here and take this song to incredibly funky places. I can easily imagine Prince’s sexual falsetto quivering over this stanky, Lettuce-reminiscent groove. The production on this track is seamless, totally blurring the lines between the live and studio aspects to supremely energetic effect. I did not want this tune to end. Yet another hallmark of the Vulfpeck catalog is leaving the listener wanting more. I can’t wait to lose my damn mind when I hear this performed live.For advanced listeners: Think of this record as a conversation with Thrill of the Arts. Either track by track or as a whole, there are many parallels, perpendiculars, acute and obtuse angles, mirror images and polar opposites on these two albums. Whether this was by design or purely coincidence (and with Jack Stratton at the helm, its almost never a coincidence) this pairing works incredibly well.Agree? Disagree? Hear something I didn’t? Let me know!last_img read more

Professor makes playwright debut

first_imgFormer Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s professor Matthew Benedict will make his debut as a local playwright Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at the South Bend Civic Theatre.His play, titled “A False Lie,” begins when two strangers meet on an ordinary fall day in Cape Cod, both attempting to escape their complicated lives, Benedict said.“Over the course of the ensuing day, they slowly reveal to each other their physical and psychological scars, and through this joint revelatory act, each embraces the ‘false lie,’ or ‘truth,’ ignored,” he said. “‘A False Lie’ explores how trust cultivates truth and truth triggers redemption.”Benedict, who most recently taught a course in language and literature last semester at Saint Mary’s, was also a member of the Notre Dame Department of English for 18 years. He received his M.A. in English and an M.F.A. in creative writing from Notre Dame, he said.Benedict said the two main characters of “A False Lie,” Grace and Kane, are protagonists from two separate short stories he had published years ago.“In these intervening years, I’ve tried several times to put them into the same narrative,” he said. “Attempts at several short stories and even a novel failed, and rightfully so. One day while working on another play, a thought bubble appeared: Put Grace and Kane in a play.“Bingo. Six weeks later, I had the first draft of ‘A False Lie.’”Benedict said he enjoys writing plays because of their need for physical movement accompanying psychological action. He doesn’t experience writing fiction the same way, a genre that can cause a writer to become obsessed with the work’s introspectiveness.“I guess if there’s a ‘lesson’ from the history of ‘A False Lie,’ it’s you have to have both the courage and the patience to try different forms,” he said. “Something that’s somewhat dead as a poem, for example, might actually work as a play. Something that just doesn’t feel right as a story might be a photograph.“Finding the appropriate medium, form and genre is as important as what that medium and form and genre eventually become.”Benedict said he is excited for the play’s production and hopes the story will hold together and be plausible, even poignant, for the audience.Saint Mary’s first-year Mary Prebys, a former student of Benedict’s, said she will definitely be in the audience to see Benedict’s passion and brilliance for writing and theatre shine through his work.“Professor Benedict’s class last semester was hands down my favorite class,” Prebys said. “He had an incredible way of relating all of the texts we read to each other and to our world and society today.“I learned so much in his class, but I believe the most important thing he taught was the importance of asking questions outside of class.”Prebys said Benedict was always willing to meet with students, which was when she saw firsthand his zeal for teaching.“It was in those conversations that I truly felt myself grow, not only in my writing, but in how I mentally approach a topic and think through that topic,” she said.“Even though he taught a literature class, I felt I grew more as a philosopher and critical thinker, in the best way possible.”Saint Mary’s first-year  Colleen Maus, another former student of Benedict’s, said Benedict was very intriguing in class because the students never knew what to expect from him.“He always managed to command the class in an engaging and interesting manner,” Maus said. “We could easily tell how passionate he is about his field.”Benedict said he is currently working on two plays: one an expansion of a short story and the other historically-based.“I’m also doing some very rudimentary work with comic and graphic writing,” Benedict said. “We’ll see where it goes. You just never know, which is why I like writing, and teaching so much: You just never know. But what joy, excitement and fun it is finding out.”Tags: Playwrightlast_img read more

Editorial: A Renewable Energy Boom

first_imgEditorial: A Renewable Energy Boom FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享From the New York Times:Some world leaders, especially in developing countries like India, have long said it’s hard to reduce the emissions that are warming the planet because they need to use relatively inexpensive — but highly carbon-intensive — fuels like coal to keep energy affordable. That argument is losing its salience as the cost of renewable energy sources like wind and solar continues to fall.Last year, for the first time, renewables accounted for a majority of new electricity-generating capacity added around the world, according to a recent United Nations report. More than half the $286 billion invested in wind, solar and other renewables occurred in emerging markets like China, India and Brazil — also for the first time. Excluding large hydroelectric plants, 10.3 percent of all electricity generated globally in 2015 came from renewables, roughly double the amount in 2007, according to the report.The average global cost of generating electricity from solar panels fell 61 percent between 2009 and 2015 and 14 percent for land-based wind turbines. In sunny parts of the world like India and Dubai, developers of solar farms have recently offered to sell electricity for less than half the global average price. In November, the accounting firm KPMG predicted that by 2020 solar energy in India could be 10 percent cheaper than electricity generated by burning coal.These are all hopeful signs. They suggest that reductions in carbon emissions can be achieved more quickly and more cheaply than widely believed. And they provide hope that nations will be able to achieve the ambitious goals they set for themselves at last December’s climate summit meeting in Paris — to keep warming below the threshold beyond which the world will be locked into a future of devastating consequences, including rising sea levels, severe droughts and flooding, widespread food and water shortages and more destructive storms.Replacing coal-fired plants or avoiding new ones will have major health benefits as well, especially in heavily polluted cities in China and India where ground-level pollutants like soot and smog make the simple act of breathing a major undertaking. Those benefits will be even greater as gasoline-powered cars are replaced with electric vehicles that draw power from wind and solar farms.Formidable obstacles to the cleaner energy future envisioned in Paris remain. One is technological: Batteries capable of storing energy for use when the sun is not shining and the wind isn’t blowing are still quite expensive, though their costs are falling. Another is financial: Despite increased private investment in renewables, the United States and other industrialized countries have not lived up to their pledge at the Copenhagen conference in 2009 to provide $100 billion a year to underwrite climate projects in poorer countries. Negotiators in Paris gave themselves until 2025 to come up with a new financing goal.A third obstacle is political. It’s clear that imposing a price on fossil fuels would encourage investment in cleaner fuels. A carbon tax has cut emissions in British Columbia; India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proposed doubling a tax on coal; China has promised a national emissions trading system. But carbon taxes remain a nonstarter in the United States.The falling cost of renewables is a clear plus. The prospect of keeping energy affordable while saving the planet should inspire leaders to bolder action.A Renewable Energy Boomlast_img read more

NAFCU on the Hill for Treasury, tax reform hearings

first_imgNAFCU lobbyists will closely monitor Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s testimony before House and Senate committees this week on the presidents’ fiscal 2018 budget and tax reform and any potential impacts on credit unions.Mnuchin will testify before the House Ways and Means Committee Wednesday on the president’s budget. On Thursday, he will go before the Senate Finance Committee to discuss the president’s 2018 budget for Treasury and on strategies for tax reform.NAFCU continues to tout the importance of protecting the credit union tax exemption. NAFCU Executive Vice President of Government Affairs and General Counsel Carrie Hunt highlighted the value of the tax exemption to the economy at large in a letter to House Ways and Means leaders last week. She also highlighted an independent study NAFCU commissioned earlier this year, which showed the benefit to U.S. consumers from the tax exemption is $16 billion per year. This adds up to $159 in growth over a 10-year period.Today, the Senate Banking Committee will vote on nominations to Treasury positions, including assistant secretary, under secretary for terrorism and financial crimes, and assistant secretary for terrorist financing. Today also brings two House Ways and Means Committee hearings on combating identity theft and increasing U.S. competitiveness. continue reading » 16SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Your member has cancer. What do you do?

first_imgWe need your help! Take our anonymous two-question survey on how you’re serving members/employees with cancer: unions have been incredible this year – the philosophy of “people helping people” has been taken to new heights as employees serve as financial first responders. This pandemic has put a spotlight on the importance of credit unions as valuable partners and allies in the community. Credit unions have implemented benefits to members such as skip-a-pay, loan deferments, small dollar loans etc. The pandemic has also shed light on the intertwining of physical/mental health and financial well-being, including conversations about medical debt and the cost of care. To that end, the National Credit Union Foundation is providing grants and resources to credit unions to improve the overall financial well-being of credit union members and employees, and helping credit unions address the growing problem of medical debt in America:About 530,000 bankruptcies filed annually are because of debt accrued due to a medical illness (American Journal of Public Health). One out of every six Americans has an unpaid medical bill on their credit report, amounting to $81 billion in debt nationwide (Health Affairs). Adults with cancer, the second-leading cause of death in the US, are nearly three times more likely to declare bankruptcy. And if they do, their risk of early mortality skyrockets by 79% ( 40% of all Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. And, according to the National Cancer Institute, in 2020, the total cost for cancer care is projected to be $174 billion. A growing number of medical experts and professional organizations are fighting the financial crisis of cancer with better education and awareness for patients, money management advice, and direct financial assistance. They’re marshaling the resources of insurance companies, healthcare advocacy groups, caregiver networks, and financial planners. As well-intentioned as these efforts are, they’ve all overlooked one industry – ours. Virtually none of the research into the financial crisis of cancer has addressed the role that financial institutions like credit unions can and must play. In partnership with Andy Janning, the Foundation is exploring this financial crisis of cancer in America through a documentary project called Side Effects. Our ultimate goal is to help the credit union movement understand and learn how to better serve people facing cancer. But credit unions – we need your help. For our industry to be a force for good for members and their families in this battle, we need to learn how credit unions are currently serving them. We’d love for you to answer our two-question survey so we can help to paint that picture of our movement and what we can do to help. Take the anonymous survey here.Thank you in advance for helping us tackle this crisis hiding in plain sight.  This post is currently collecting data… This is placeholder text center_img 12SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Andy Janning Andy Janning is a popular keynote speaker at events across the country, a national award-winning expert in talent development, the host of NCUF’s Herb Wegner Memorial Awards, and a … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Executive sinks £100m subterranean shop plan

first_imgWould you like to read more?Register for free to finish this article.Sign up now for the following benefits:Four FREE articles of your choice per monthBreaking news, comment and analysis from industry experts as it happensChoose from our portfolio of email newsletters To access this article REGISTER NOWWould you like print copies, app and digital replica access too? SUBSCRIBE for as little as £5 per week.last_img

Jamie Carragher warns Brendan Rodgers over accepting Arsenal job

first_imgJamie Carragher warns Brendan Rodgers over accepting Arsenal job Comment Jamie Carragher has warned Brendan Rodgers about taking the Arsenal job (Sky Sports)Jamie Carragher has warned Brendan Rodgers that he could damage his reputation if he decides to leave Leicester City for Arsenal.The Gunners are currently searching for a permanent manager after sacking Unai Emery earlier this week.Rodgers has been among the names linked with the role following an excellent start to the season with Leicester City.But Carragher believes the former Liverpool boss should show loyalty to Leicester after he decided to leave Celtic to join the Foxes before the end of last season.ADVERTISEMENT‘Well he has got a clause, I think that’s obvious now,’ Carragher told Sky Sports. Metro Sport ReporterSunday 1 Dec 2019 9:16 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link181Shares Brendan Rodgers has been heavily linked with the post at Arsenal (Getty Images)‘I think the position Brendan Rodgers is in, there’s no doubt if you’re a player or a manager you want to get right to the top.AdvertisementAdvertisement‘At this moment Leicester sit second in the table and won the Premier League a few years ago.‘But we’d be lying if we all said Leicester are one of the top clubs in the country. They’re not.‘The established big six are, wherever Leicester finish in the league, they are the big ones who think they can do something in the Champions League and spend big money.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City‘I don’t think it’s right if Brendan Rodgers is even thinking about moving to Arsenal right now.‘Whether it was right or wrong, he got a lot of criticism from Celtic supporters for moving on before he finished the season, it was a tough decision for him because this job was the job everyone wanted, managers who couldn’t get a top-six job.‘Leicester was the job everyone wanted with the players they have, the infrastructure at the club, so he got it, took that decision and accepted he’d get stick off Celtic fans.center_img Advertisement Freddie Ljungberg was appointed as Arsenal’s interim manager this week (PA Wire)‘I think if he moved now he’d almost get that tag of jumping ship very quickly from places. And I think he probably would deserve if it did that right now.‘I think it’s a bit harsh what happened with Celtic but certainly now I think he’s got to look at the next 18 months and think he’s really going to do something at Leicester.‘And maybe after those 18 months if a Tottenham, Arsenal, obviously he’s not going back to Liverpool, Manchester United could never happen, Manchester City… I don’t know, he’s going to want to go to one of those real big clubs, that’s just a fact.’More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal Advertisementlast_img read more

Mikel Arteta explains ‘great opportunity’ for Arsenal signing Pablo Mari in Dubai

first_img Full Screen Comment Read More Metro Sport ReporterSaturday 8 Feb 2020 3:21 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link7.1kShares SPONSORED Top articles by Metro Rio Ferdinand tells Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop struggling Speaking from Arsenal’s camp, head coach Arteta said: ‘They needed three four days off to relax their minds and recover their bodies.‘They’ve been through a lot in the last few months and now I think they are ready to have five or six really good training sessions here before we go back to London and focus and prepare as well as we can against Newcastle.‘This is what I want to create. The new players that we have, it is a great opportunity for them to spend time together with the other players, get to know each other, live together – the same for me with the backroom staff as well. I think it’s going to be a very important break.‘We suggested Dubai because we have a close relationship with our sponsor, but also because it’s a place where the weather conditions are really good and the players like to come here. Mikel Arteta explains ‘great opportunity’ for Arsenal signing Pablo Mari in Dubai 1 min. story 1/1 Visit Advertiser website GO TO PAGE Pablo Mari has been training with Arsenal at their warm-weather training camp in Dubai (Picture: Getty)Mikel Arteta believes Arsenal’s warm-weather camp in Dubai will provide a ‘great opportunity’ for Pablo Mari to bond with his new team-mates both on and off the training field.Arsenal agreed a loan deal with Flamengo for Mari, 26, towards the end of the January transfer window, with Arteta desperate for defensive reinforcements following Calum Chambers’ season-ending knee injury.Mari will hope to be in contention to make his debut when the Gunners play host to Newcastle after the winter break and the Spaniard took part in training for the first time earlier this week.Arsenal’s players flew out to Dubai on Friday and are scheduled to return to north London on February 11.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT Video Settings / center_img About Connatix V67539 Read More Read More Mari completed a loan switch to the Emirates this January (Picture: Getty)‘We knew most of them were going to come here and relax with their families and be ready for training.‘Hours together, to spend together, grab a coffee together, to have conversations, to have unit meetings, individual meetings, group meetings about the things we have to achieve and to review what we’ve done.‘I’ve made a big review of what we’ve done so far in these five or six weeks, the things we can improve, the things that we have improved a lot and that we have to maintain, that we cannot lose now.‘Hopefully we can make another step forward as a team.’ Coming Next PLAY Advertisement Skip Read More Manchester United captain Harry Maguire Read More Mari will hope to hit the ground running at Arsenal (Picture: Getty)Mari hopes to give fans something to cheer about again by emulating the success some of his fellow countrymen have had success at Arsenal in recent years.‘There have been some wonderful Spanish players to play for Arsenal,’ he told Arsenal’s official website earlier this week.‘[Cesc] Fabregas, [Santi] Cazorla, [Jose Antonio] Reyes… they’re all great Spanish players that have passed through this club.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City‘One of those legends that we have with us now is Mikel. He was a very important player for Arsenal and now this is a new project for him as coach, but I think he’s going to repeat what he achieved when he was a player.AdvertisementAdvertisement‘Personally I look up to him and the career he had at Arsenal. That’s what I’ve been working for all these years.‘I’d love to be at Arsenal for a long time and I hope to give the Gunners some victories to celebrate again.’Will Pablo Mari succeed at Arsenal?Yes0%No0%Share your resultsShare your resultsTweet your resultsMORE: Jordan Pickford speaks out on his ‘disgusting’ error after Everton beat Crystal Palace Skip Ad Advertisementlast_img read more