The chain has to return to the essence of owners still do what

is to get the user profitable webmaster.

remember when just do the webmaster, we talk about the chain effect should be the most highly ranked, a chain for the emperor let many webmaster friends have tasted the sweetness, regardless of the website can be seen everywhere on the crazy hair of the chain webmaster or promotion personnel. However, at the beginning of last year to 628, so a lot of turmoil sustained by the chain of people fall into the abyss, what are we still doing extrapolation webmaster personnel

as a webmaster of our ultimate goal is to profit, before you can rely on a good place to get enough traffic even get enough users to achieve profitability. But now the ranking is not stable, what can be done? The guardian that "

you remember the chain effect of the original chain? The original purpose is very simple, through the chain of drainage. Let the user to reach their target site or to see their products. When the site is difficult to establish, not so strong competition between stationmaster, outside the chain of random release not only attract users, but also to some extent make the site to the search engine rankings. The webmaster to earn a pot of gold.

?The essence of the

chain has to return to the essence of owners still do what

The main function of the

chain is the direct promotion of a purchase.

for any webmaster, believe all done outside the chain, of course, is more advertising. The role of the chain is what I believe everyone has his own opinion. However, as the industry changes, the role of the chain has become increasingly simple, has returned to the nature of the chain, but what stationmaster friends do for you today? Guardian interpretation of this problem.

The ultimate goal of ?

love Shanghai adjustment let many webmaster face a fatal blow, it is this adjustment on the chain and live so many webmaster encountered problems of life, the future road how to go into the webmaster most thinking? Continue to adjust the mentality of doing it, or switch? Especially the chain Commissioner had to choose to the Internet is condemning, but this is no way, purify the network environment is everyone’s responsibility. The search engine also shows the adjustment before the road is wrong, is not. As a webmaster or extrapolation personnel should wake up.


the establishment of the website more and more simple, the increase of natural increase competition website. We can see the role of the chain, so in order to improve the site’s ranking, whether it is black or chain link, whether it is a cheat link or purely advertising, want to own site outside the chain throughout every corner of the Internet, the website ranking flow is steady increasing, their income is more natural with the days compared with chic. This led directly to the linear increase in the number of sites, in order to release the chain to do anything, because the role of the chain is too strong, has become a webmaster essential artifact.

chain is to improve website ranking.

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