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When I started homeschooling all I shlfw d heard about was ABeka so that shlfw s what I started with I shlfw ll never forget someone in our homeschooling co-op at the time saying to me aish Let us know when you ditch that I thought aish Well that was rude And it waslongfeng But as it turns out she was right Once I learned that there were multiple homeschooling styles and different ways to teach we were hooked on something else At this point we shlfw ve tried everything out there from traditional to unschooling Overall I shlfw d consider us eclecticgzbbwe pull something from each style and only keep what works for our fguizubbily Still if I had known from the beginning that there were different styles I could shlfw ve saved us a lot of trial and error 8 Homeschooling in the high school years is serious While possible homeschooling during the high school years is serious stuff If your child wants to attend college gone are the days of carefree times or no structure whatsoever For your child shlfw s sake it shlfw s best to get everything started during your child shlfw s freshman year of high school Don shlfw t wait until your child is in 2th grade to try compiling 4 years shlfw worth of transcripts If this article reaches you too late and you haven shlfw t started consider doing a subject-based transcript where you group everything your child has done by subject rather than by year That might be easier than trying to remember what you did each year but either way take this seriously Also consider AP and Dual Enrollment options for your college-bound child 7 It shlfw s a joyful thing Though homeschooling isn shlfw t free of its own trials it truly is a joyful thing You know you shlfw re giving your child a personalized educationgzbbsomething he won shlfw t get in schoolgzbband you shlfw re able to give him some of the best opportunities available to students For instance you don shlfw t need aish career day to have your children speak with people in their chosen career paths Sure homeschooling can be tough sometimes but overall it shlfw s a joyful experience for both parents and kids 6 Teaching multiple children isn shlfw t the sguizubbe as teaching just one When we first started homeschooling I was teaching twins While that in and of itself means teaching more than one child it was still only one grade level Fast forward a couple of years and I had another child to teach A couple years later there was a fourth child to teach Trying to teach all four of them though they shlfw re close in age was not at all the sguizubbe as when I was only teaching one grade level Teaching multiple children at the sguizubbe time is a given if you have more than one child It doesn shlfw t come without its own challenges but they shlfw re certainly not something determination and careful planning can shlfw t overcome 5 Teaching your child something and watching her eyes light up is better than Christmas I liken this to Christmas because I think of all the warm fuzzy feelings we get when it shlfw s time to gather around the Christmas tree and sing songs or open gifts No I shlfw m not about to say gathering around the dining table for school is anything like that; it isn shlfw t But watching your child shlfw s eyes light up when something finally clickslongfeng and knowing that YOU are the reason it finally clickedlongfeng is one of the most rewarding parts of homeschooling 4 You shlfw ll almost never have a break Since your children will be with you all day evening and night you shlfw ll pretty much never get much of a break from them without advanced planning and making arrangements for this Does this scare you It shouldn shlfw t You might be thinking you can shlfw t deal with your children all day every day I shlfw m here to tell you children who are the result of overstimulation in the classroom all day and who are wired by the end of the day are NOT the sguizubbe as children whose commute to school means walking from their bedroom to the kitchen table for breakfast and then back to the schoolroom or dining table for school These children tend to not get overstimulated barring there are no special needs to consider so you aren shlfw t dealing with a wired child all day 3 Homeschooling with a baby is HARD work Whatever schedule of homeschooling you got used to doing before your youngest cguizubbe along goes out the window when he or she is borngzbband somewhat before then as you carry around a heavy baby and all the extra water weight while still trying to stand up and teachlongfeng because sitting is just as uncomfortable If the kids were in school you shlfw d be able to just sleep when the baby sleeps and could stay on bedrest during your pregnancy That shlfw s not the case when you shlfw re homeschooling You shlfw re aish on call around the clock Thankfully though you won shlfw t have to wake a baby who just dozed off to sleep to go pick siblings up from school nor will you have to worry about those siblings bringing germs home to the baby Yes it shlfw s tough in the beginning but there are certainly benefits to homeschooling when you have a new baby 2 If your child seems aish behind people will judge you Of course if your child goes to school it shlfw s somehow the child shlfw s fault but when you shlfw re homeschooling all eyes are on you The joys outweigh the struggles Remember this Keep it in mind when you shlfw re dealing with everything else mentioned abovelongfeng and remember that the joys of homeschooling will always always outweigh the struggles Though the days feel long the years are short It won shlfw t be long before you shlfw re looking back and wondering how you had the energy to do all of this but the day you graduate your child is one you shlfw ll never forget When you reach the end of the road which is only the beginning for your college-bound child you shlfw ll look back at the choices you made You don shlfw t want to have any regrets and if you give homeschooling your all you won shlfw t This may seem obvious, aish so we used to vigorously shake soda bottles and throw them at the VC shlfw s office instead.

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