Hope Trump repeats giant Nixon mistake

first_imgHopefully President Trump will have special prosecutor Robert Mueller fired.Because we know what happened when Nixon fired Archibald Cox.Jeffrey MurtaghDuanesburgMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesSchenectady County warns of possible COVID-19 exposure at Schenectady restaurant, Rotterdam barLocal movie theater operators react to green lightEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidation Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinionlast_img

Leaders must speak out against intolerance

first_imgDuring these times, when hate and intolerance are promulgated at the highest levels of government, it’s not enough to say that one’s family is multi-ethnic and multi-religious, and, therefore, you couldn’t be prejudiced against racial and religious minorities.If you don’t speak out against hate and intolerance, it could be interpreted that you endorse hate and intolerance. Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion For example, Donald Trump claimed he couldn’t be anti-Semitic because his son-in-law is Jewish and his daughter converted to Judaism. However, when he didn’t unequivocally condemn the neo-Nazi activities in Charlottesville, Va., he was giving the group his tacit approval.It’s not sufficient to claim that you are a “good person” when you remain silent in the face of injustice.If you don’t speak out against white-supremacists and Neo-Nazis, then you may be giving them comfort. If you don’t clearly separate yourself from a group that supports, or gives a platform to, hate groups, then you are providing assistance to these groups.During these trying times, I want my political leaders to be strong and courageous and to speak out loud and clear in opposition to intolerance.Roberta SteinerNiskayunaMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censuslast_img read more

Look at the sins of Obama, Clintons

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion The lack of civility and the pretentiousness of some of your letter writers is incredible. They berate Trump and Republicans, and with their simplistic answers feel they can save the world. I don’t recall the issues being raised when Obama was president, and Trump is already being labeled one of our worst presidents.Where was the criticism when Sandy Hook happened? Both the Executive branch and Congress were Democrat controlled. As horrible as the recent shootings have been, many similar mass killings have occurred under Democrats, who did nothing to fix the situation — of course, blaming the minority Republicans who were in office at the time.  And what presidential tenure made heroes of thugs and of thug nations — Syria, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela?The Russian interference —two years and nothing. But you had the Russians giving $1.5 million to the Clinton Foundation,so Russia could have controlling interest in uranium mined in the United States by a Canadian company. What about the United States’ interference in other countries’ elections? Israel comes to mind when staff from the Obama campaign actually went there to interfere. If only there was some criticism for the abject horror of the eight Obama years.Geraldine KrawitzSaratoga SpringsMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationSchenectady, Saratoga casinos say reopening has gone well; revenue down 30%EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristslast_img read more

Students are trying to get our attention

first_imgTruancy. It’s a word I’ve seen oft repeated in the argument against student protests. On March 14, students nationwide left classes for 17 minutes to stand against gun violence in their schools. On April 20, they walked out again on the 19th anniversary of Columbine. Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion Since I started school 15 years ago, I have spent approximately 14 hours hiding as part of an active shooter drill, far more than the amount of time students have spent not in class to protest the fact that children have to spend 14 hours of their lives preparing to be hunted in their schools.I’ve seen a lot of people ask why it has to be during the school day. Many of them are not old enough to vote; many of them are not old enough to drive; and many of them are not old enough for you to have listened to them every other time they’ve said they’ve had enough.You have pushed them to this. You have taught them this is the only way they will be heard — with collective action when you want them to be doing something else.What you learn in life doesn’t begin and end in a classroom. So yes, leaving school in the middle of the day is truant. But part of growing up is learning to stand by your own convictions. It’s arguably the most important lesson.Jill MartinNiskayunaMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusNiskayuna girls’ cross country wins over BethlehemEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsPuccioni’s two goals help Niskayuna boys’ soccer top Shaker, remain perfectFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Jan. 10

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionFight for reasonable gun control lawsThings are quiet now. The last mass shooting has faded, and people go about their business. Tomorrow? Who knows? Maybe we’ll see a mass shooting that takes a hundred lives.Each time it occurs, we react with appropriate horror and disgust. And what happens? Bury the dead, treat the wounded, and then nothing. Nothing. When will our elected representatives have the courage to address this threat to us and our children?I encourage you to view the documentary that was presented on CNN, “Fareed Zakaria GPS: Global Lessons on Guns,” which aired on Nov. 25. It presents lessons to be learned. It shows that other countries allow reasonable gun ownership. It asks why we can’t. It addresses homicides and suicides and shows that other gun-loving countries don’t have nearly the problem that the United States does. And perhaps surprisingly to some, it’s not all because of mental illness (although there is no question that it contributes in a small way).We really must stand up to the vocal critics who don’t want to accept reasonable rule changes for gun ownership, including removing assault weapons from the public. No one is trying to take all guns away. It just makes sense to know who has them and to make sure no one who shouldn’t have them does. Use facts for truth, not for own biasesWhat’s become of us as a nation? Have we descended into two tribes sniping at one another with cherry-picked facts that reflect our biases rather than the whole truth? Timothy Gaffney’s Jan. 1, letter for instance, criticized Diane Hombach’s  Dec. 26 letter in which she claimed Obama won over 50 percent of the popular vote, something no president has accomplished since Reagan. That’s not true: While Obama garnered 52.9 percent in 2008, both Bush presidents topped 50 percent in 1988 and 2004. Mr. Gaffney went on to state that the 2018 midterm elections were nowhere near as devastating to Republicans as the 2010 midterms were to Democrats. (Republicans lost a mere 40 House seats in 2018, whereas Democrats lost 64 in 2010, plus Republicans picked up three Senate seats in the latest election.)On the surface, Mr. Gaffney’s point is correct. But he overlooks the fact that in 2010, Republicans won the popular House vote by a margin of only two-tenths of a percent more than Democrats won in 2018 (7.2 percent vs. 7.0).  As for the Senate, even though Republicans gained three seats in 2018, they won only 41.5 percent of all votes cast in Senate races, whereas Democrats won 56.9 percent. Those disparities occurred because of Republican gerrymandering and the fact that the Senate, which grants every state two senators regardless of size, favors small (red) states.Why do folks insist on searching only for evidence to support their pre-existing viewpoints instead of trying to determine the whole truth behind the headlines?Fred ComoBurnt Hills Media biased toward Clinton FoundationThis is in response to Bill Denison’s Dec. 31 letter. He’s wrong about the Clinton Foundation somehow being “shady” and not legitimate.Did they receive some donations from “awkward” sources? Of course. But who hasn’t been in a room with people of questionable character? You have to make do. In the Clintons’ case, this meant not offending the donor(s) by returning the cash.Some question the large influx of cash that flowed into the foundation while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. I’m sure it was just a coincidence (kind of like when Barry Bonds was hitting all those home runs at an advanced age but wasn’t on steroids). Same thing with Bill Clinton’s huge speaking fees, just like birdwatchers pay a lot of money for exotic bird calls. Who among us wouldn’t pay big bucks to hear the call of the “Raspy-Throated Clinton.” As for the Clintons getting rich off of their foundation, I’m sure it was just a “bookkeeping error.” Someone probably mislabeled a file, which accounts for the discrepancy.  Finally, The Gazette has to sell newspapers. Which headline do you think they’re going to use: 1) President Trump uses rare tax deduction to save on taxes or 2) Trump uses unfair tax loophole to avoid paying fair share of taxes? Also, unfortunately, most of their national stories are written by two “news” organizations: The New York Times and The Washington Post, which seem to be subsidiaries of the Democratic National Committee. Hopefully, this explanation clarifies any confusion.Ken TrumanAlbanyMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen? Don’t just nod in agreement; do something. Let your legislators know that this great country we love doesn’t have to remain one of the more dangerous places on Earth when it comes to guns.Jerry BoehmAlbany Regarding Jim Vincent’s Dec. 27 letter, “Consider negatives of legalizing pot,” there is no rational defense of any state law that prohibits marijuana sales to responsible adults. The gateway-drug theory isn’t scientific fact. Yet many writers keep citing that archaic bunk in vain attempts to malign the female flowers of cannabis plants.What is the long-term effect of lawmakers and bureaucrats blocking public access to those truly beneficial plant materials?Various positive economic impacts will result from legal cannabis commerce in New York. For sure, the local property taxes paid by new businesses and lucrative careers in this rapidly growing field both will enjoy wide appeal.    Unfortunately, stoned drivers do pose serious traffic risks, and teenagers always tend to be rebellious. But those realities do not justify a blanket ban on recreational cannabis products sold to adults. At present, saliva kits that detect recent pot smoking by drivers are available to police agencies. Researchers also continue developing more accurate roadside tests.A spokesman for the American Medical Association went on record in 1937 strongly opposing the original anti-“marihuana” law passed by Congress. At the time, it was perfectly legal for doctors to prescribe cannabis extracts as medicine.  No legitimate case for pot prohibition center_img He tells us that his “gut” is smarter than most people’s brains. And since the gut is where excrement is made and expelled, I have a better understanding of the things he actually says.Rudy NydeggerBallston Spa Today, New York is among more than 30 states with active medical cannabis programs. They clearly conflict with the Schedule I classification in the Controlled Substances Act,  which claims that cannabis has “no currently accepted medical use.” All prohibitive cannabis laws were totally indefensible from the start.Lawrence Goodwin Milton Give Trump his own walled-in countrySince we have a president with little regard for the truth and based on his own utterances, he appears to be unethical, immoral and probably criminal, I have a solution: We should let Trump have his own country, and he can be king for life. I propose that we draw a line in West Texas down to the Mexican border. This part of West Texas will be called Trumpsylvania. Trump could be king and even have a congress that would do whatever he wanted. He could put the Trump name in gold on all the buildings in the country. He could even go to war for water rights and turn Trumpsylvania into a giant golf course. He could also build a 30-foot high concrete wall around his whole country to keep the undesirables out. Tax rates would have to be high to begin with to build up the military and pay for the wall. But rich, overweight, old white males would be exempt from taxes. Public school wouldn’t be necessary because he would teach people how to use their “guts.” They would not need libraries either, so some money could be saved that way.  Grateful to Malta vets group for caringThank you to the Malta Veterans Appreciation Program, Renee Farley, Dave Wallingford, Craig Warner, Bryan Haas, Paul Mosseau and all the volunteers who support veterans. I’m an 84-year-old female veteran from the Korean Conflict. My children didn’t want me to drive anymore, so I sold my car. The Malta veterans program drives me to appointments. And every Christmas, they come with Santa, bringing gifts, cookies and candy. The best part is that they sing Christmas songs. What a wonderful group of people.Doris PrincipeMaltalast_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Friday, Feb. 1

first_imgPaper unfair to fired school bus monitor John Jankowy is a friend of mine whom I have known for many years. Everything written in Steven Cook’s articles in the Clifton Park weekly and The Daily Gazette paint him negatively. John is one of the most generous and nicest people you could meet.So what did the bratty kids do on the bus that provoked him to say, “I give up. I’m just going to shoot you guys, that’s all.”John did use inappropriate language, but one might ask why they have bus monitors in the first place. Every bus driver will tell you it is for safety reasons and to help them concentrate on the road. When we went to the towing lot with $210.60 in hand (cash only, thank you), the invoice included a $35 kickback to the city.Apparently, the police have an incentive to impound cars indiscriminately to benefit their employer. The car was returned in a damaged condition, but we’ll fix it ourselves rather than get back into that corrupt morass.The moral is that if you’re a crime victim in Schenectady, the criminal justice system will bend over backwards to maximize your expense, frustration and inconvenience. The thief gets all the due process and the victim gets all the penalties. Criminal? Yes. Justice? Forget about it.Rudolf PETERSENKathleen PetersenSchenectady I think The Gazette has impugned a very nice man without fully understanding the situation. John even apologized to the kids, and they knew there was no danger.The school district did the right thing (by terminating him). However John is a good man whose impatience with bratty kids got the better of him. I put this issue in much the same vein as the Covington Catholic school reporting, where people rushed to make a story to meet their own agenda and did great harm to the students and their school. I hope people will relax a little and remember that we are all in this together.Gerard F. HavasyClifton ParkMore from The Daily Gazette:Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18Cuomo calls for clarity on administering vaccineEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censuscenter_img Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionCitizens victimized by criminals and cityOn Jan. 20, a thief took our car for a joy ride. He was arrested by Schenectady police, who logically should have called us to come and collect the car. No such thing happened. Instead, they impounded it and refused to release it on the pretext that it was evidence. The authorities showed utter indifference to anyone’s needing to get to work, take children to day care, go to a doctor or shop for food. We didn’t even get the courtesy of a call to tell us where the car had been taken, but had to track it down for ourselves.After four days of repeated calls to the towing company, the district attorney’s office and the public defender’s office, we got our car released.Incredibly, no one took action until the thief and his counsel agreed to return our property!  last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Feb. 21

first_img1. Tedisco feels that conservative upstate is paying more than its share of taxes. But according to PolitiFact, upstate taxpayers pay just 18 percent of New York State’s tax burden. Downstate pays more than 70 percent.2. Tedisco calls conventional economic development and its associated ethnic diversity both “radical” and “regressive,” two words that happen to be opposites.3. Tedisco criticizes “socialism” but hypocritically supports socialism. He demands that downstate taxpayer dollars be redistributed to government-guaranteed cellphone coverage upstate, where hills outnumber taxpayers and where there is no shortage of private mobile carriers. 4. When Tedisco boasts of upstate “quality of life,” he invokes fear of the very things that make downstate prosperous: cultural and economic vitality, individuality and freedom to grow.I grew up in Scotia. I’m embarrassed to see Tedisco asking former neighbors and classmates to scapegoat, and to separate from those of us in big cities who embrace diversity, who are more economically productive, who pay our fair share of taxes and who welcome economic and social change.People like me left upstate, not because of New York City, but because of people like Tedisco who fear individuality and change.Mike AirhartAlexandria, Va. The writer is a Scotia native. Fact: Wages rose 3.2 percent over the last 12 months, the best yearly increase in a decade. Problem? Presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris rants that “the economy is not working for the working people.” Huh?Dems won’t admit the inconvenient truth that these facts are benefiting working people.Earth to Democrats: Jobs aren’t scarce; workers are.Food stamps should be for people willing to work who need help making ends meet. But three-quarters of non-disabled, working-age food-stamp recipients without children still don’t work. A work requirement would incentivize the slackers to get off the couch. Yet Democrats adamantly oppose it. What an insult to hard workers.What’s more worker-friendly: Trump’s booming economy or the Democrats’ misguided meddling?Domenico DiCaprioVoorheesville Regarding the so-called “privilege exercise” being carried out at Saratoga Springs High School: A couple of years back, all the educational elites were telling us that “transgender” students must be allowed to use the bathroom facilities of the gender that they “identify with,” lest they be made to feel “uncomfortable.” (The fact that many students whose physical traits and gender identification match might therefore be made uncomfortable was written off by people such as CNN commentator Chris Cuomo who said, essentially, “Get used to it.”)Now we learn that at Saratoga Springs High School, an “exercise” targeting “white privilege” has been carried out. Even with the small selection of items from the exercise presented by The Gazette, it’s clear that it carries racial, religious and ethnic stereotypes that have justifiably incurred the wrath of parents. Rating Judaism as “the most privileged” religion might have come right out of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.”And Catherine Snyder, identified as “director of the Clarkson University teacher’s education program,” argues that it’s not wrong to make students feel uncomfortable when dealing with uncomfortable topics in class.My questions are these: First, why is it fine to make some targeted students feel “uncomfortable” in school when their parents are paying out huge sums of money in school taxes? And second, just who are the people making the decisions about which students should be made to feel “uncomfortable” and which students must be protected from discomfort?I think many of us can be pardoned for concluding that this so-called “privilege” exercise is designed to vilify certain ethnic and religious groups and consequently describing that exercise as racist.Michael NardacciAlbany Unfortunately pro-lifers believe every word and never educate themselves on an issue before becoming all-knowing, while trying to humiliate and embarrass anyone who has a different view than you. Amazingly, I do not hear any pro-choice people screaming and hollering that you would find it acceptable to let a woman die to protect an unborn fetus. Ms. Richard, I also find it sad that a religious leader in your church would speak so graphically in front of young children. There’s a place for these discussions but not in front of young impressionable children who do not comprehend such complex issues. Shame shame shame.Joshua HermanceRotterdam  Schenectady doesn’t need a fourth judgeSchenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy is spot on: The city of Schenectady does not need a fourth City Court judge. Compare City Court’s caseload to the town of Colonie, which does a fine job with three part-time town justices. And what exactly does a fourth City Court Judge do for Schenectady?It does allow the state Office of Court Administration to take a City Court judge and move him or her “temporarily” to Family Court, County Court or any other court of record. Of course, that only costs the city money. But it also dilutes the votes of everyone else in the county, like those of us who could not vote for or against the City Court judge, but then has him or her in a countywide position.That dilutes city voters’ votes as well, since they voted for or against the City Court judge, but did not vote for him or her in any other judicial position. As an attorney for the better part of 40 years, I believe that judges should serve only in the position for which they were elected. What does the city get other than the tab for another judicial position? Bruce S. TrachtenbergNiskayunaThe writer is a former town justice.More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusCuomo calls for clarity on administering vaccineFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen? Tedisco mistaken on split-state solutionIn his Feb. 13 guest column, State Sen. James Tedisco contends that people are fleeing New York state. But they are leaving upstate New York, not downstate. And the upstate region is in decline despite financial support from downstate. Allow me to summarize: First, they came for the billionaires. Then they came for the millionaires. Then they came for my stocks. Then they came for my CDs. Then they came for my Christmas Club. Then they came for me.Sound familiar? It makes no difference who is doing it to whom. It is not moral. The Green New Deal is “magic socialism” revisited.Edmond DayRotterdam Facts show Trump economy is workingDemocrats, now the majority in the House of Representatives, are trying to turn that body into the house of resistance. They’re claiming the nation is in bad shape, rigged to benefit only the rich.Sen. Chuck Schumer griped that “the state of the Trump economy is failing America’s middle class.” But facts don’t lie.Fact: Employers created 304,000 jobs in January. That compares to an average monthly gain of 223,000 in 2018 and 182,000 in 2017. Too bad all the new hires couldn’t attend his speech, to show off Trumponomics on real people who have to put food on the table.Fact: Workers who had given up hope of finding a job are re-entering the labor force. The labor participation rate for workers age 24 to 54 hit its highest level since 2008. Green New Deal is just more socialism Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionGet facts straight on new abortion lawRegarding the Feb. 9 letters from Laurie Cox and Jennifer Richard, your letters are false, misleading and defamatory against anyone who doesn’t support your opinions. There’s a very informative article in The New York Times which The Gazette ran earlier this month, debunking all the claims by you and the pro-life groups.New York State law defines late-term as after 24 weeks and only if the birth is nonviable or the mother’s life is in danger. The law also states no abortion shall be performed after the start of the third trimester, which is approximately the 27th week.That’s far from being ripped out during a normal birth. Under 1 percent of all abortions performed last year were considered late-term, and each was a nonviable birth or life threatening to the mother. Privilege exercise goes off the marklast_img read more

Appliance of science

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Moderniser heads £400m NHS property disposal

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Executive sinks £100m subterranean shop plan

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