Is this Scotland’s smallest cake shop?

first_imgCakes in The Call Box has been set up in an old phone box in Argyll by friends and bakers Holly Ford and Bron Campbell.Ford and Campbell repainted the decommissioned red phone box near Cladich in Argyll before building shelves and decorating. They add homemade cakes and tray bakes to sell to passers-by every day.“Both Bron and myself really love to bake,” said Ford, “and we thought transforming the derelict phone box into a small cake shop would be a perfect way to put our baking skills to the test and bring the community of Cladich even closer together.”The line-up includes mini lemon drizzle cakes, millionaire shortbread, raspberry blondies, custard creams, gluten-free brownies, dairy-free empire biscuits and cupcakes. Payment is made via an honesty box, only overlooked by Highland cows.Ford and Campbell also use the phone box to advertise local businesses and offer a small book swap alongside the baked goods.“We are over the moon with the reaction so far,” said Ford.last_img read more

NYT’s Sam Dolnick wins Bingham Prize at Nieman Foundation

first_img Read Full Story New York Times Reporter Sam Dolnick has won the 2012 Worth Bingham Prize for Investigative Journalism for his eye-opening three-part series Unlocked: Inside New Jersey’s Halfway Houses. His exposé of New Jersey’s privately run halfway houses uncovered a broken and horribly flawed correctional system in which gang activity, drug use, sexual assaults and other violent behavior were commonplace and where lax security led to hundreds of annual escapes.Dolnick’s reports also exposed the close ties between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Community Education Centers, the company that runs many of the state’s halfway houses.In selecting “Unlocked” for the Bingham Prize, judges praised Dolnick’s powerful writing, the depth and scope of the investigation and the ability of the series to spur meaningful reforms. The series revealed that although some of New Jersey’s halfway houses are as big as prisons, they are run with little state supervision and employ no corrections officers. Astonishingly, staff members are not allowed to restrain those trying to flee.During the course of his research, Dolnick requested and obtained hundreds of pages of official documents and conducted more than 200 interviews – and he persuaded all of his sources to speak on the record.When “Unlocked” was published, Gov. Christie called on New Jersey’s Department of Corrections Commissioner to step up inspections of the halfway houses; fines against some of the operators were imposed; and hearings were held in both houses of the state legislature, resulting in the introduction of 14 reform bills, which are now pending.last_img read more

Trump’s Tax Revelation Could Tarnish Image That Fueled Rise

first_imgThe White House / Joyce N. Boghosian WASHINGTON — The bombshell revelations that President Donald Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes the year he ran for office and paid no income taxes at all in many others threaten to undercut a pillar of his appeal among blue-collar voters and provide a new opening for his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, on the eve of the first presidential debate.Trump has worked for decades to build an image of himself as a hugely successful business mogul — even choosing that moniker as his Secret Service code name. But The New York Times on Sunday revealed that he paid just $750 in federal income taxes in 2016, the year he won the presidency, and in 2017, his first year in office. He paid no income taxes whatsoever in 10 of the previous 15 years, largely because he reported losing more money than he made, according to the Times, which obtained years’ worth of tax return data that the president had long fought to keep private.The development comes at a particularly precarious moment for Trump, whose Republican campaign is struggling to overcome criticism of the president’s handling of the pandemic. It hands Biden an easy attack line heading into Tuesday’s debate. And with early voting already happening in some states and Election Day just over a month away, Trump may be running out of time to turn his campaign around.“Donald Trump needs this election to be about Joe Biden as a choice,” said longtime GOP consultant Alex Conant. “This keeps the focus squarely on Trump’s character and the chaos going into the most important night of the campaign, the debate.” Of course, Trump has repeatedly faced — and survived — devastating turns that would have sunk any other politician. That includes, most notably, the stunning “Access Hollywood” tape released in October 2016, in which Trump was recorded bragging about kissing and groping women without their permission. The video’s release came just two days before Trump was set to face then-candidate Hillary Clinton in their second debate and was considered a death knell to his campaign at the time.At this point in the race, with voting already underway in many states and so few voters still undecided, it is unclear whether any new discoveries about Trump would make any difference. Trump’s support over the years has remained remarkably consistent, polls over the course of his presidency have found.Yet the tax allegations go to the very heart of Trump’s appeal, especially among the blue-collar voters in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan who propelled him to the presidency in 2016. Trump was supported by about two-thirds of white voters without college degrees, according to an analysis by the Pew Research Center, versus only about 2 in 10 nonwhite noncollege graduates.Indeed, in a Gallup poll from February 2016, Republicans who wanted to see Trump win their party’s nomination cited his experience as a businessman as the second-most important reason they backed him, surpassed only by his status as a nonpolitician and an outsider.Even today, when asked to explain their support for Trump, voters often point to his success in business as evidence of his acumen. And they often repeat his talking point that he gave up a great deal to serve as president, citing his sacrifice as evidence that he ran for the job not out of self-interest, but because he cares about improving the lives of people like them.But the image of a man flying around in private jets from one luxury property to another and paying less in taxes than millions of Americans with far more modest lifestyles could prompt a backlash similar to the one 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney faced after he was secretly recorded at a closed-door fundraiser saying that the 47% of Americans who don’t pay income taxes were “dependent upon government” and would never vote for him.″(M)y job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives,” Romney said.Roughly half of Americans pay no federal income taxes, but the average income tax paid in 2017 was nearly $12,200, according to the IRS.Democrats wasted no time in seizing on the news, with the Biden campaign’s online store already selling stickers saying “I paid more income taxes than Donald Trump” on Sunday night.Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer tweeted an emoji calling on followers to raise their hands “if you paid more in federal income tax than President Trump.”“That’s why he hid his tax returns. Because the whole time, he wasn’t paying taxes. But you were,” added Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn.And Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass., chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, said the new report highlights the importance of the House Democratic lawsuit against the Trump administration to access Trump’s tax returns.“This reporting shines a stark light on the vastly different experience people with power and influence have when interacting with the Internal Revenue Service than the average American taxpayer does,” he said in a statement.In addition to the news about Trump’s annual payments, the Times found that many of his best-known businesses, including his golf courses, reported huge losses, and that, as he faces an uphill battle for reelection, his finances are under particular stress thanks to “hundreds of millions of dollars in debt coming due that he has personally guaranteed.” Trump is also under audit over a $72.9 million tax refund that could cost him more than $100 million if the IRS rules against him, the Times revealed.The development comes after Biden recently stepped up his efforts to paint Trump as a charlatan who has lied to his working-class supporters. In contrast, Biden has tried to highlight his own middle-class upbringing.The election, Biden has said, is “Scranton vs. Park Avenue,” pitting Biden’s boyhood hometown in Pennsylvania against Manhattan, where Trump built his branding empire and reality television career.“This clearly plays straight into that contrast that Biden has opened up,” said Joe Trippi, a veteran strategist of multiple Democratic presidential campaigns.Trippi said coming into the debate, Biden now has something he can concretely point to as he tries to sway the slim margin of voters who remain undecided.“You move a few points of working class voters, and you’re talking about Biden winning in places like Ohio,” Trippi said.Conant, who worked on Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign, noted how defensive Trump became when Rubio, during a primary debate, charged that Trump “would be selling watches in Manhattan” had he not inherited tens of millions of dollars from his father, Fred.Trump raised an index finger in the air, yelling, “No, no, no, no,” as he sought to interrupt Rubio and insisted that he had instead borrowed money. “That is so wrong,” he said.“So long as this campaign is all about Trump,” Conant said, “he’s going to lose.” Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window),Have you seen Trump’s crowd size, people wait days to see him just drive by…..No way he’s going to loseAmazon & other MEGA-Corportations don’t pay their share in taxes …… But you still buy from them….last_img read more

Technology transition undercutting all fossil fuels

first_imgTechnology transition undercutting all fossil fuels FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享The New York Review of Books:“Kingsmill Bond” certainly sounds like a proper name for a City of London financial analyst. He looks the part, too: gray hair expertly trimmed, well-cut suit. He’s lived in Moscow and Hong Kong and worked for Deutsche Bank, the Russian financial firm Troika Dialog, and Citibank. He’s currently “new energy strategist” for a small British think tank called Carbon Tracker, and last fall he published a short paper called “2020 Vision: Why You Should See the Fossil Fuel Peak Coming.” It asks an interesting question: At what point does a new technology cause an existing industry to start losing significant value?This may turn out to be the most important economic and political question of the first half of this century, and the answer might tell us much about our chances of getting through the climate crisis without completely destroying the planet. Based on earlier technological transitions—horses to cars, sails to steam, land lines to cell phones—it seems possible that the fossil fuel industry may begin to weaken much sooner than you’d think. The British-Venezuelan scholar Carlota Perez has observed that over a period of twenty years, trains made redundant a four-thousand-mile network of canals and dredged rivers across the UK: “The canal builders…fought hard and even finished a couple of major canals in the 1830s, but defeat was inevitable,” as it later was for American railroads (and horses) when they were replaced by trucks and cars.Major technological transitions often take a while. The Czech-Canadian academic Vaclav Smil has pointed out that although James Watt developed the coal-powered steam engine in 1776, coal supplied less than 5 percent of the planet’s energy until 1840, and it didn’t reach 50 percent until 1900. But the economic effect of those transitions can happen much earlier, Bond writes, as soon as it becomes clear to investors that a new technology is accounting for all the growth in a particular sector.Over the last decade, there has been a staggering fall in the price of solar and wind power, and of the lithium-ion batteries used to store energy. This has led to rapid expansion of these technologies, even though they are still used much less than fossil fuels: in 2017, for instance, sun and wind produced just 6 percent of the world’s electric supply, but they made up 45 percent of the growth in supply, and the cost of sun and wind power continues to fall by about 20 percent with each doubling of capacity. Bond’s analysis suggests that in the next few years, they will represent all the growth. We will then reach peak use of fossil fuels, not because we’re running out of them but because renewables will have become so cheap that anyone needing a new energy supply will likely turn to solar or wind power.Bond writes that in the 2020s—probably the early 2020s—the demand for fossil fuels will stop growing. The turning point in such transitions “is typically the moment when the impact is felt in financial markets”—when stock prices tumble and never recover. Who is going to invest in an industry that is clearly destined to shrink? Though we’ll still be using lots of oil, its price should fall if it has to compete with the price of sunshine. Hence the huge investments in pipelines and tankers and undersea exploration will be increasingly unrecoverable. Precisely how long it will take is impossible to predict, but the outcome seems clear.This transition is already obvious in the coal markets. To understand, for example, why Peabody, the world’s largest private-sector coal-mining company, went from being on Fortune’s list of most admired companies in 2008 to bankrupt in 2016, consider its difficulties in expanding its market. India, until very recently, was expected to provide much of the growth for coal. As late as 2015, its coal use was expected to triple by 2030; the country was resisting global efforts like the Paris Accords to rein in its carbon emissions. But the price of renewable energy began to fall precipitously, and because India suffered from dire air pollution but has inexhaustible supplies of sunlight, its use of solar power started to increase dramatically.“In 2017, the price in India of wind and solar power dropped 50 percent to $35–40 a megawatt hour,” said Tim Buckley, who analyzes Australasia/South Asia for the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. “Fifty percent in one year. And a zero inflation indexation for the next twenty-five years. Just amazing.” This price drop occurred not because India subsidizes renewable energy (it doesn’t), but because engineers did such a good job of making solar panels more efficient. The cost of power from a newly built coal plant using Indian coal is, by comparison, about $60 a megawatt hour. If you have to import the coal, the price of power is $70/megawatt hour. And solar’s $40/megawatt hour price is guaranteed not to rise over the thirty-year life of the contract the suppliers sign—their bids are based on building and then running a facility for the life of the contract. No wonder that over the first nine months of 2018, India installed forty times more capacity for renewable than for coal-fired power.More: A future without fossil fuels?last_img read more

Brazil and Colombia Expand Military Cooperation

first_imgBy Dialogo January 19, 2012 At a meeting held in the city of Brasilia on January 17, Colombian and Brazilian defense ministers Juan Carlos Pinzón and Celso Amorim, respectively, announced the expansion of military and defense cooperation between the two countries. The ministers’ intention is to present a joint plan to combat cross-border crime, especially along the Amazonian border, through the creation of an integrated system for regional information exchange. In the same way, the ministers expressed their interest in strengthening the defense industry by holding a bilateral summit with the participation of representatives from firms based in both countries. They also committed to programming future exercises between the Colombian and Brazilian Armed Forces, as well as establishing the possibility of creating a bi-national commission that would work on aspects related to UAVs, hardened media, and cyberdefense. Pinzón also expressed Colombia’s interest in actively participating in the KC-390 project, while Brazil showed interest in the River Support Patrol Boats produced by the firm COTECMAR. In addition, the Colombian minister offered his counterpart the possibility of exchanging information about their surveillance systems for monitoring the illegal trafficking of substances and weapons. Finally, the Brazilian defense minister accepted an invitation to visit Cartagena de Indias on the occasion of the UNASUR defense, interior, and justice ministers meeting planned for May 3 and 4, 2012.last_img read more

Hempstead Town OKs Nassau Coliseum Renovation Plan

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Hempstead town officials approved Tuesday long-awaited plans to renovate the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale—one month after the aging arena’s anchor tenant, the New York Islanders, began moving to Brooklyn.The conceptual master plan for the property had been submitted to the town last month by Nassau Events Center, a subsidiary of Forest City Ratner Companies, which previously lured Long Island’s lone professional sports team to the developer’s new Barclays Center in Prospect Heights.“We look forward to beginning construction in the near future so that we can bring all Long Island residents the reimagined venue they truly deserve,” said Bruce Ratner, executive chairman of Forest City Ratner, which signed a 34-year lease with the county.Renovations are scheduled to begin in August after Billy Joel plays the venue’s last concert while the facility is under management of SMG. Renovating the 416,000-square-foot arena and developing 188,000-square-feet of surrounding property is the first phase of a planned $260-million redevelopment of the 91-area site.Aside from new restaurants, hotels, parking garages, a movie theater and other unspecified entertainment on the land surrounding the coliseum, two Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center facilities have been proposed for the site.The plan follows years of failed attempts to redevelop the property by outgoing Islanders owner Charles Wang, who had proposed a multi-billion-dollar mixed-use development at the site before Hempstead officials told him to scale it back, essentially killing what was known as The Lighthouse Project. Nassau County voters later rejected a proposal to borrow $400 million to renovate the coliseum.Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray said that Ratner’s plan “provides for balanced and sustainable development.”The board was able to expedite the approval process since Ratner made his site plans fit the requirements of the Mitchel Field Mixed Use District, which the town had created while considering the Lighthouse Project in 2011.last_img read more

Malaysia’s Petronas completes 1st Pengerang LNG bunkering operation

first_imgKairos at Pengerang regasification terminal (Image courtesy of Petronas)Malaysian energy giant Petronas said on Thursday it has completed its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply operation at its Pengerang regasification terminal in Johor.Petronas LNG, a unit of Petronas, supplied the cargo to Babcock Schulte’s 7,500 cubic meter LNG bunkering vessel Kairos.This follows the agreement between Petronas LNG and Uranos Vermögensverwaltungs, a joint venture company of Bernhard Schulte and Babcock International.The LNG reload operation into the world’s largest LNG bunker vessel, Kairos took place at the Pengerang terminal jetty. Kairos departed from Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, Ulsan, South Korea, and received the LNG suppy enroute to Europe.“We believe that small-scale LNG opportunities will increase from the utilisation of alternative cleaner fuel such as LNG. The new regulation of 0.5% global sulphur cap to be imposed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in January 2020, will make LNG the alternative fuel of choice for the shipping industry,” Petronas LNG Chief Executive Officer Ezhar Yazid Jaafar said.The reload operation is a result of close collaboration among all Petronas units including Petronas Gas Berhad, Pengerang LNG (Two) and other key stakeholders such as the Marine Department of Malaysia, Johor Port Authority and Johor Port Berhad.last_img read more

EU Greenlights State Aid for Croatia’s Krk LNG Terminal

first_imgThe European Commission has approved state aid for the construction and operation of Croatian liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal at Krk island.Namely, the Commission explained that the plans are in line with EU State aid rules as the project would “contribute to the security and diversification of energy supplies without unduly distorting competition.”“The new LNG terminal in Croatia will increase the security of energy supply and enhance competition, for the benefit of citizens in the region. We have approved the support measures to be granted by Croatia because they are limited to what is necessary to make the project happen and in line with our State aid rules,” Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition policy, said.The measures, approved on July 31, would support the construction and operation of a floating LNG terminal, consisting of a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) and the connections to the national gas transmission network. The LNG terminal is designed to transport up to 2.6 billion cubic meters per year (bcm/y) of natural gas into Croatia national transmission network as from 2021.The total investment costs to build the terminal amount to EUR 233.6 million, that would be financed through EUR 32.2 million from the LNG terminal company shareholders; EUR 101.4 million from the Connecting Europe Facility, which is centrally managed by the European Commission; and a contribution of EUR 100 million from the Croatian State budget.In addition, Croatia will grant a tariff compensation called ‘security of supply fee’, which is financed by levies charged by the gas transmission system operator to gas users along with gas transmission tariffs, in case revenues from the terminal fees are not sufficient to cover operating expenses.The KrK LNG Terminal has been included in the lists of European Projects of Common Interest since 2013, given its strategic importance for the diversification of natural gas supplies into Central and South-Eastern Europe.last_img read more

Man Utd ready to splash £153m on Barcelona youngster

first_img He is therefore being lined up alongside fellow youngster Riqui Puig to become the club’s shining light in the long-term with the future of star man Lionel Messi increasingly uncertain. Moreover, the report adds the club are set to make his release fee a staggering £360m – nearly double the world-record transfer fee which is currently the £198m Paris Saint-Germain spent on Neymar in 2017. Meanwhile, Sancho is seen as a short-term talent by Bundesliga side Dortmund – who will happily cash in on him as soon as their £108m valuation is met. Manchester United are ready to splash out a whopping £153million (€170m) to sign Barcelona youngster Ansu Fati, according to reports in Spain. The Old Trafford club have so far refused to meet Borussia Dortmund’s £108m valuation for winger Jadon Sancho. United chiefs are instead believed to have offered between £60m and £70m up front for the 20-year-old England international, while the rest would be paid in installments. Barcelona want Fati to sign a new deal which includes a £360m release clause However, Spanish outlet Mundo Deportivo claim United are willing to pay an additional £45m to bring in 17-year-old Fati before he commits to a new contract at the Nou Camp which includes a £360m buyout clause. Fati played 33 times in all competitions for Barcelona last season, scoring eight times in his breakout season with the Catalan giants. The winger – who was named in Luis Enrique’s Spain squad for the first time last week for their opening two games of their 2020-21 UEFA Nations League campaign – has been placed on the list of names Barcelona consider unavailable for transfer this summer. Promoted ContentBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeA Guy Turns Gray Walls And Simple Bricks Into Works Of ArtWho’s The Best Car Manufacturer Of All Time?10 Hyper-Realistic 3D Street Art By OdeithThe Models Of Paintings Whom The Artists Were Madly In Love WithBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemTop 10 TV Friends Who Used To Be EnemiesCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way6 Incredibly Strange Facts About HurricanesTop 7 Best Car Manufacturers Of All Time10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoThe 10 Best Secondary Education Systems In The World Read Also: Man City plotting to sign Messi without breaking FFP rules The Sun however claim it is now likely Sancho will stay for one more season and will be sold next summer after Manchester United missed the August 10 deadline set by the German outfit to get a deal done. The news comes a day after The Mirror reported that United have given up on Sancho after conceding that his £300,000-a-week wage demands would shatter their pay structure. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… last_img read more

Wildcats Get ‘W’ Over Pirates

first_imgFranklin County move their record to .500 with a road conference victory at Greensburg Monday night. Behind a great pitching performance from Alex Bischoff, who went 7 innings while allowing just 2 hits and 1 run with 13 strikeouts, FC was able to control the game versus the home Pirates.Offensively, Tommy Ratz, Augustus Runyon and Garrett Ertel all had 2 hits. Ratz led the way with 3 RBI’s and 2 runs scored to go with his 2 hits.FC is back at home on Wednesday vs. Northeastern and again at home on Thursday vs. Greensburg.On Saturday, FC will travel to South Dearborn for a makeup game.last_img